Sunday, November 28, 2004

*insert rolling eyed emoticon*

Been staving off blogging because, i have nothing interesting to say, no quirky ideas or memorable instances that are worth my attention.

Except that (on friday) i saw an elephant waddle into its pond, drop a few big yellow bombs into the already bacteria filled water and then proceeded to slump into the watery mass and wallowed around.
Yeah, complete with poop bobbing against the elephanty too.

Kinda like how in life, we create our own crap and then sit around in it.
Take it literally or figuratively. Whatever.

Oh, i was at the zoo on friday with a friend's mom's childcare centre children. I could go on forever about the time i had, but i think i'll just put down the most salient points to note.

Looking at the children, my heart just sang. It was like, obviously though, looking at little adults. Little humans. Bite sized little creatures with bright eyes and eager faces.
Little canvases open and clean to have things painted upon them.

God's gifts... Those little itty bitty children.

As a psychology student, i now begin to appreciate the dialogue i hear between children themselves. How they interact and communicate with words and gestures, what means what to them, how they construct meanings and ideas about the world around them.

They are such a joy to OBSERVE (not exactly look after, *groan*, unless you've got yourself an ANGEL).

Couldn't stop gushing over them as i watched them. I've NEVER felt this way about children.
Then again, maybe the lot i had around me were, yeah, mostly the sweeter, nicer ones.
About 4+years old.

Ha, and YES... i have my TWO favourites! This little japanese girl whom i've dubbed "My J-Pop Star" and another little Caucasian girl. Quiet little sweetie with lily fair skin, an oh-so-incredible-mega-watt-smile and crystal clear eyes!

Disclaimer: I am NOT A PAEDOPHILE.

*** ***

The Esplanade Roof Terrace. Yesterday. For the first time.
It helped that there was a beautiful clear night sky, with the full moon shining brightly upon us homosapiens and stars that speckled the black velvet cosmos.
And... ORION!

What better way to spend time at the Esplanade than with someone who enjoys silence too.
Thanks dude!

*** ***

Oh hey, and i am going to be a trainee of sorts for my church's new band. (Band as in, Guitars [electric, acoustic], drums, synthesizer and keyboard)
Me, keyboardist.
Most pleased to serve my God with whatever... erm, i have. I'm not sure if they qualify as talents, but BLEAH.
If He wishes, He will provide!

*looks at the clock on the right corner*

GARN. Looks like a photoshooting stint is in order. Indoor range, here i come.

I need solitary time!

Ya know what?
Think i shall keep one week for myself.
I really NEED to stop running around the country for a bit and enjoy some joline time. Yes, being in the company of myself.

And i haven't accomplished any shopping yet. Garnn...
I need clothes.
My phone is dying. Slowly but surely.
I need a new scope.
Competition is coming up and what have i done?! Need more practice.

I'm glad it's been a busy holiday though i'll BET that the people behind the LTA are laughing as they count my money! MY MONEY!

For those of you whose emails i've not replied to, I'M VERY VERY VERY SORRY.

Till Then.
*You're all precious to me. Each and every one of you.*

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