Friday, November 05, 2004

Ramble Mode (II)

What happened to your lip?
Did you get into a brawl?
Is that fungus on your lip?
Did you contract some disease?
Did you bite your lip?
Did someone bite your lip?

Nay, my darling honey bunny dog Jed jumped, hit my chin, and so my front tooth cut my lip.

Dangerous Happy Dog.

The desires of my heart calls.

I think i've spoken about this before. But ramble i will... Wot's new huh.

It's been a while since i've given a part of myself away. As much as it gets a little lonesome at times, i know jumping into a relationship is a perfect no-no. I have long ago decided that i will surrender my personal life to God. I let Him do the controlling. I'm not going to push for what i want till i know, in my soul, that things are different.

True chemistry between me and a potential special someone else is a pretty difficult thing to conceive.

God fearing, same wavelength, same humour, same crappiness, same goals, same intellectual communication level, ability to make me feel like there's no one else in his eyes, ability to hit the right chords with the right words that i long to hear but have no knowledge of myself... Someone who gives me the space i need because i'm an individualistic girl, but he is able to also give me the feeling that he's always there for me and loves me.

Were you just going to tell me to go marry the television?
No, you can't do very much with a telly, i'm afraid. *smirk*

Anyway, did "those requirements" sound pretty normal enough?
Well, try adding in the fact that i am little Miss Eccentric.

Ah, so...
True chemistry between me and a potential special someone else is a very difficult thing to conceive.

So when I sense a discord, i know it's never.

Some don't understand me, some choose to run away, some tolerate, some love me (only my girl friends hor... Sad)
Some complement me.

As for now till the day when i feel the waves move in sync...

My days will be filled with my friends (that includes whoever is reading this and consider yourself my friend) and family that God has so richly blessed me with.
You guys have been the pillars that held me together in all seasons.
How can i thank you more.
With these few measly words, i lay my gratitude before you.

*** ***

Because of the way life has been prodded at lately by an aspect, i have been thinking.

It is not easy dealing with it (though it is definitely manageable) but... i guess God has His ways, in His time.
I trust Him with my life.

If i have to remain the spinster who feeds starving children, then so be it.
So long as God is with me.

He will never chuck me in something such that His grace is insufficient to help me through.

So there.

*** ***


I. Had. A. Wonderful. Day. Today.
Cheers to sisterhood and honest friendship! I lub (nope, no spelling error there) you Germ! yeehehehee.

Well, ok, so Miss Suaku cum Eccentric made her debut to the Library @ the Esplanade today.

But instead of just the library alone, i think i might make the Esplanade my hangout.
Nothing can quite adequately describe how the sky gazer felt when she looked up to the heavens.
The size and span of it made me feel like spreading my arms wide and tilting my head back and not giving a jack dime about what anyone seeing me thinks.
(perhaps i embarrass friends that way eh.)

If only the seats weren't WET and if Germ and i got there earlier. Oh well. There's always a next time. I hope.

The sea, the sky, the closeness with nature makes my soul soar, my heart sing, and the beauty of it all overtakes my being. (Must be better than... *sheepish* oh, nothing)

By hook or by crook. I'm going to head down to the beach some day and spend my time basking in nature.

*** ***

Tomorrow's saturday, the most packed day of the week. Hopefully, it'll pass so quick that sunday will feel like it arrived in a blink of an eye.

ARCHERY!!! THE TEAM!!! 70metres HERE I COME!!!

Watch out, Singapore. ;-P

Till then.
*My best is all i have to give. Will my dreams come to pass?*

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