Wednesday, November 10, 2004

To be idle.

*rolls eyes*

Gee, i'd be setting off for the Esplanade by now if not for the hefty transportation... costs. LTA has made tons of money from me in the past few weeks. I hate it. Money just gets sucked out from my ez-link card like nobody's except for LTA's business!
Seeing the value going down at a steady rate makes me sad.

Yeah, i know it's worse if you live in Japan and the other countries where cab fares can come up to someone's wage for a day.
Just let me whine, will ya.

I had lovingly stroked thoughts of stepping into a teleportation portal/tube and "ZWAANGG!", i'd arrive at my destination in a split second. How nice that would be.
Kind of like, the portal de-atomizes you, or, zaps you into electrons or whatever tiny matter and then transports you via some fibre or cable.

Thing is, who gets to be the first to try the thing. The poor rats.

There was this book that fictitiously suggested that perhaps one day, babies will be the next subjects of experiments.
I might've remembered the exact bottomline wrongly, but i know it was by Neil Gaiman.

But hey, i could leech a ride to the Esplanade later! But, i'll be on my own. Wouldn't that be bittersweet, or contradictory, for me.

The bliss of being all alone, but with my thoughts.
All alone to enjoy the sounds and smells of the sea, the sounds of the night, to feel the wind against my cheeks, to gaze at the sky that stretches before and above me.
No one to tell me they're bored, no one to keep entertained.
No one to suggest anything i don't want to do.
It's not called loneliness.

Yet, at moments like those, you'd like someone who enjoys the same space, the same quietness, the same love of nature.
We needn't speak and the silence is perfect, for both of us recognize the beauty and enjoyment derived and hence the value of the experience.
And because we know how each other feels, we have no wish to intrude into each other's space. Or personal experience.
Even then, disturbances would be perfectly timed and the joy of being able to complement each other is... indescribably sweet.
The common understanding between us would be priceless.

*** ***

Ok, snap out of it. I'm going for a jog. Excuse me.

Till Then.
*Archery Competition, 10-11 Dec 2004*

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