Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Spot me!

Sunday... at the ACS (Archery Club of Singapore) Indoor Range.
Using the Club's wooden riser recurve bow, with ancient Samick limbs. Hoohoo.
Maybe a photo of me and my compound bow would be coming up.

I am the fourth person from the left.
Only GIRL there ok, GIRL POWER.

Grabs her arrow... Posted by Hello

And she draws the bow! Beware! I can de-man you! The nicest bow among us (at the shooting line) belongs to the second last guy. His own equipment. Posted by Hello

And the release... Ah, and a perfect follow through! (Erm......) Anyway, guy with the nicer bow is not here. Posted by Hello

Maybe later.
Going to the indoor range now for some business and training.
See you later, i hope.

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