Saturday, November 06, 2004



Could've gone arching at the outdoor range. I JUST PRAY THAT GOD WOULD ALLOW THE WEATHER TO PROLONG INTO SUNDAY.

I'm sure all the other people into outdoor sports would be very appreciative too...
Please... God? Pretty Please?

Shooting with the team tomorrow... THEE TEAM. I cannot wait.

*** ***

Something is definitely wrong with me today.

I felt so indifferent to everything. I had cell, then service. Things were all right. But when it came to dinner with the friends, i felt so OFF.
There's nothing to be moody about. I just was.
I didn't have a single bite of food. Just ice lemon tea sufficed.

Sipped my lil ole drink, i did. Staring into space, listening to the conversation.
Chipping in at times saying some totally obscure (irrelevent too?) stuff. Ha.

You know, i think i know why i am so dull now. Ok, listen:

1. Jo is/was a sarcastic person.
2. And it kept my mind sharp because it takes WIT TO BE SARCASTIC OK! And WIT takes some BRAIN POWER!
3. Problem is, my sarcasm can be scathing and hurtful.
4. Therefore, i have decided to cut down.
5. Hence, i do not work my brain anymore.
6. Therefore, Jo has dulled.

The "price" of being less sarcastic, is... something good. That is, more friends.

No people, do not freak. I love having everyone around. Friendship is one of those priceless things in life.
Meant to be treasured and held closely to the heart.
And when some friendship screws up, i get affected. You should know by now.

It's just weird... not being 100% me. Ok, i'm not going to go down that train of thought. Again.

There are only certain people i feel safe enough to unleash my sarcasm to but even then, i still hold my tongue at times and... What i say doesn't come quite as quick anymore.

As for the moody disposition... It's the hormones talking this evening. I think it's pretty fair to believe that.

Nevertheless, i did feed off the jokes tonight and laughed like a loony. I liked that the most.
Laughing heartily is a lost luxury.

Man... so-and-so is pretty friggin' FUNNY! Cannot say lar.

Anyway, a parting note for now... (gotta go do some stuff, might be back)

You know you've gotten fat when the matter under your face/chin vibrates along with the bus you're on.


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