Friday, September 03, 2004

Tsk. People.

Indeed. Though i tend to think that at some point, the personality thing will settle at a certain age... A point when we have more or less filled our shoes. Ha, guess theory hasn't worked here yet.
Yeah, if only i could zhao the AGM, but unfortunately, i doubt it. Honestly, it's been a back and forth tug of war. If i could vote and then make a run for it, that would be nice. BUt oh well. The worst thing that could happen is if i am cornered by one of the presidential candidates and cajoled into revealing my vote, which is very unprofessional.
I can just imagine that happening. Aaagh, ok, overeacting already.

*** ***

Oooooo... Judgemental aren't you, Little One?
Tsk, and you think that you're too smart for your own shoes?

SO you think you are a class above the rest?
You want to be a person worthy to be proud of?

Then ditch the snobby attitude.
We've got enough of that in this life.

Think before you say, analyse before you judge.
Have your opinion but at least make it an informed one you little squirt.

AS IF you knew what the entire world was up to.
AS IF you understood.
AS IF everything was so one dimentional.

You should never generalize. You'd do very poorly for English Language, sweetheart.

Sigh, why get hot and bothered over these sweet little darlings?
In time they should figure it out, perhaps their overworked little neurons will serve some (good) purpose after all.

*shakes head*

*** ***

You know what i think? I think that X made a tactical move to find out who would and wouldn't vote for his kaki/confederate.
Call this "overthinking" but you never know... with this guy, you never know...
If he didn't pick up political etiquette, he sure picked up political strategies.

*** ***

If it's successful, i will be free to order merchandise ONLINE! WOO!!! I am SO HAPPY. Finally, open to the wide world of online shopping!
Here come David Lanz CDs... Archery books, Archery accessories/apparel/equipment...

Too good to be TRUE.
Someone, shoot me down!
*thrusts fist into air*

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