Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Me? For Music Ministry?

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And here's Jo wishing you a very Good Morning at 12+a.m approaching 1 a.m.
As you can see, she is acting herself.
But you may choose to see it both ways.

Distorted Jo face. Pablo Picasso would be so proud of me. Posted by Hello

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Ok, anyway. Guess what.
I have been seriously psychoed by my cell mate to go for the music ministry audition.
YES, to serve God as a pianist.


I think all i needed was that final shove. I guess all along i have been harbouring thoughts of contributing to the music ministry but always thought it was rather far fetched.
Of course, i had also doubted my own ability.
And I still do...

How can i possibly be as good as the people who play every week?

HELLO? Let me give you the low down on my "credentials":
- Piano practical: Grade 1
- Piano theory: Grade 3
- I've stopped my lessons since secondary school, like, sec 1.
- I play by ear now and buy piano books to sight read and play.
- I can play mostly only songs in C major...
- If it's not in C major, the song had better be printed in a book so i can be reminded to hit the sharps or flats.
- Never played in a band before. (BAND: drumset, electric guitars, synthesizer...)
Only bands i've been in were the LOOK-AT-THE-CONDUCTOR-KIND.

I know that it's one thing to serve God...
Trust Him and He'll provide.

Thing is, erm, is this something i should've gotten myself into?

It's scary you know??? One service's congregation can come up to a few hundred people.
And i heard that they (the ones in charge) are pretty concerned with skills, and not only just the spirit to serve.

I prayed over it before i wrote the email.
I felt a strong urge to send it.
Not sure if it was my own excitement or God saying: Go.

Used to be comfortable playing with guests milling about but those days of showmanship confidence is gone.
Haven't played with an audience in a long while.

Audition is on the 9th and they're looking out for:
- sense of rhythm, pitch and dynamics
- ability to sight read
- ability to improvise
- ability to harmonise and modulate.

I'm all right at most of it, the problem now is getting myself to play properly.

I'll be fine. I think. I hope.
Just need a little tinkling or banging from now till then.

Maybe Later...
Mug Bug Calls.

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