Saturday, September 18, 2004


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I'm not sure if this is anything special, but i find it amazing, from time to time, to find myself looking through my own eyes.

Do we sometimes take it for granted that we are given a body, a living life, figure.
We have control over our little toes, fingers... Twiddle them, come on!
We have control over who we want to be, who we are. (oh, be gone you biological perspective, reductionist view!)

Do you feel the life in yourself? You're alive. You're living. You're someone. You've your own being. You ARE your own being.

As i people watch, i find it so fundamentally fascinating that i am one soul, looking through these particular eyes.
No one looks through my eyes, nor i, theirs.
I am ME.
I am experiencing what i am right now, through my own body.

And everyone else is doing the same.
But they are not me, and i am not them.

Each soul given to each body.

I was never too bothered about human interaction, before studying psychology.

But it has opened a new door inside me to see some things in its reality.
I begin to see the importance and profound effect that human interactions and the environment can have on an individual.

But the most intruiging part of human interaction is between babies/children and parents.

Man... I could potentially turn the fella into a monster.

Now, when i see parents and children, i'm thinking: Whatever and however you teach them, whatever you talk to them about, how you treat them, is going to mould them.

Cannot help but beam inside when i see young children make sense of the world, their little perceptions of it...

I cannot see myself having kids and bringing them up the right way. Sigh, i'm too impatient to treat children right, even when they are naughty.
I tend to treat them as i would an adult... But you just can't.

For example, if you are pissed with someone your age, you might show it in whatever way you do and/or show some bitchy attitude.

But you can't do that to kids. At least preferably not.

You have to teach them, correct them. And explain to them why it has to and/or cannot be that way. You can't get angry to the extent you yell at them, be bitchy, shrug them off, be curt.
Because ultimately, they are going to learn it and perhaps even get affected by it.

Just rambling inspired by a little psychology.

Ok, i had better go...

Cell group later and i have work to accomplish.

Till then.
*5 zits and counting... Humbug*

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