Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Feeling: detached and stressed

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Ah so, ah so. Yes, SUPPORT!!! I don't know the full story of U.K Shyam, but from the papers, it looked like NUS couldn't even grant him a later date to do his examinations. Thought that was pretty disgusting. I faintly remember NUS having some reply to that but... ah, slipped my mind already.
WOOHOO! Another 96.3fm supporter!!! Yep, like that station too... Ok, the only bit i like is the stipulated time for the music interludes. Sometimes, air time for good music is entirely marred by certain things they play. But otherwise, it is my first choice on the radio for music. Seriously grateful for the station, apart from Solo Piano Radio.

Heh, yup, that's the station... YAY! DIscovering more people who actually listen to it...! Do you seriously listen to the foreign languages bit? *0.0*
Oh, the committee thingy... Thanks. ;-P I just hope that i won't mess anything up and not get anymore involved then i already am. I just want archery to be clean... but oh well. Not till some people get a serious conscience prick, we won't be having clean archery any time soon.
But that is just a distant hope.
Very weird, haloscan sometimes registers your comment, sometimes, it is omitted.
Yeah, i think the talent we've seen so far on Singapore Idol.... a bit far and wide lah. I mean, these are the best we have?
Ok, i do appreciate their efforts, pluck and guts and everything. But the fact still remains. The David de Cruz guy was a complete joke.
Well, at least there's one so far that has some substance. Jessea (sorry, i've forgotten the spelling) has the stage presence, the solid voice quality, the looks. Let's just see how far her talent takes her with other genres of music.

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Haven't seen blue skies in a while and it scares me because i am thinking:
WHAT! Holidays coming already and the wet season is approaching...

DAng it.


Isn't it interesting how two completely different living species can bond so well?
No, not men and women.
I mean, animals and humans.
Ok, some animals.
I'm not sure about insects. Think: my pet mosquito. guarantee won't bite even if she's almost shrivelled from...

Ok, i so have nothing else to say.
Except that i am so screwed if i don't finish up my essay revamp and editing.

Sigh... But i have been missing quiet time sessions.

I am so sorry Lord.
Please forgive me.
Need you so badly.

Till Then.
*need to cut off internet connection!*

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