Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A mixture.

Hello peeps! Many thanks for the comments that you have been leaving behind, and i want ya'll to know that they are very much appreciated! With effect from today/tomorrow, i will be replying to your comments via the comment box itself. This way, i can reply faster and blog posts will be shortened. Thanks. :-D

Sibling's friend's site. I love her style of writing.

Hee hee, ok... Thanks and no problem!
Hi, nice of you to come by though i don't know if you still will anymore. Nevertheless, i do write replies so if you read this then... Yay! :-D

Wah really? You actually go out with sunscreen? *clap, clap* Amazing... I'd pop out with zits in no time...
Oh Xiaxue (Wendy is her real name) was just a blogger but over time, i think she slowly got more and more readers, till she hit like the thousands and THEN, was discovered. So, the rags to riches kinda thing, haha, only not quite that way, but you get what i mean. Yep, so she's where she is now because of her own achievements, if you would call it that.
Oh, she has opened two other blogs. *gasp* Hah. Well, people say to her: "Oh no, do you have so much time?" But that's silly because almost her whole life apart from her other writing job, revolves around blogging. So she HAS to blog. Do or die.
Coincidentally, i know a few of her friends... One of them, is the one she calls "Wong the Lawyer" who was my primary school mate. heehee.
Can understand the dying sardonic self praise thing. I think she does it to... Annoy certain people, because she believes in it, attract attention to herself, get more readers, an excuse to put nice pictures of herself... etc. Whatever.
She is merely entertainment. *evil laughter*

hehe, variety in my posts? sounds funny.

"jacket nonsense ... to prevent shirt lines..." *wahahahhahahha!!!!!!!!!!*
What is it about fair skin that guys like? Oops, not appropriate to discuss here right? Ha, ok, never mind.
But by all means do so, if you don't mind.
Hm, i suppose you would know better. :-) I guess i just get this impression that if a nicely tanned girl walks by, most eyes will follow her... So, most guys still think that tanned girls are more attractive/eye catching.

*** ***

it was about 1+am when i stuck my head out the window as far as i could with my dog watching me with a question mark on his little brow.

there were so many stars that night.

they strike me as odd little things, when you look at them hard enough.
ok, even if you know what they scientifically are.

little pin pricks, burning gases, alien dots, shiny dust...
it's like, out of nowhere, you get these little bright specks in the dark night sky.

they were so pretty.

i miss seeing stars the way i did that night.

*** ***

"How do I Live" was a song i loved so much since secondary school.
But history has made it bittersweet.
And as to why i keep hearing this song of late, is a mystery to me.

It's not just this song...
There're others like, the one from "My Best Friend's wedding". It goes like:

Some day
When i'm awful low,
When the nights are cold,
I will feel a glow,
Just thinking of you...
And the way you look tonight.

I get a little uneasy inside, but once it ends, back comes composure.

Sharing favourite songs is romantic but aren't always the best things sometimes, i guess.

*** ***

These were the MOST expensive LITTLE things i have ever ordered! Not because they were expensive in themselves, but because i was a giant DOOFUS MOOFUS.
Oh weeelll, i have learnt my lesson and will no more be paying more then i should.

Oh, and this is my first ever time to order ANYthing from overseas via the internet.

They are some archery stuff from Alternative Services in the UK.

My first online order from England! Posted by Hello

Contents of my FIRST EVER ONLINE ORDER from England! Archery equipment catalogue, fletching tape, 5 pins, and a free Alternative Services iron-on. Posted by Hello

*** ***

I'm scared and why?
Because i DON'T know HOW to study for my psychology exam.
Think i'll go post something on our student forum and see what everyone says.

ARGH. I hate this feeling of not knowing if i can handle the exam!
What if i prepare so much but everything gets foiled?
Bummer Dummer.

I am getting fat from all this "sedentariness", aside from my weight training.
I probably look a lot better either in pitch darkness or if you've had 10 bottles of whisky with another 10 bottles of vodka.

Oh, and dang... I caught a cold from dad.

Seriously have to go.

Till Then.
*God, please help me...*

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