Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hanging in there.

Thanks. No, it's not my club i'm pissed with. It is the whole archery association that has gotten messed up. I am hoping my club wouldn't be so cruddy especially since we've given theam another chance at bettering our club life. Xiaxue's blog is in english lah... then how would i be able to read it right? :-P

THAT bad ah. Ok, so no chance of going there for help either.
Oh well. Haha, you sounded more pissed than i did. :-P

*** ***

Feeling frustrated and typed out something but i guess i'll leave that for another day to let myself get a grip on things.
Then i'll see if the post needs to be published.

I've noticed the unhappy trend in recent posts and i think it's kind of unhealthy.
However, ironically, i feel that this IS my space to let loose.
Anyway, i'll take a break from that and talk about other things.
Maybe it's the hormones talking.


I'm sitting here, and thinking: *tap, tap* okay.... what do i have that is positive to write? hmm... *thinks hard*

OH! Yes.

Had church service yesterday and was sitting with my cell group in the second row from the very front of the stage.

We had this evangelical speaker from the U.S. talking about the movement and power of the Holy Spirit. Towards the end of his sermon, he started getting prophetic. He walked down the stairs to get closer to the congregation and started asking for people with specific health problems to come forward to be healed.

He went up again on stage and came down for the second time round and this is the freaky part.

He said:
"When i walked down the stairs here, i felt this very strong feeling that some young person or people here have been telling the Lord, that you want Him to take control, you want to give Him everything in you life. And your life is His."

At that point, he was less than a metre from me.
My heart was beating so hard and fast, like it was thumping against the wall of my chest and my eyes grew really wide as i almost gawked.

That is precisely because, the words he spoke were the exact words that i have been telling God for some time already but have not felt God's leading hand in my life.
Well, i leave the rest of the event for you to finish. :-D

*** ***

I have given up my sunday archery 5hr session to stay home to mug.
Methinks i may forgo this whole month to mug. If anything, maybe once or twice only.
I can go all i friggin' want after the exams.

Bah, i think by the time i get back to the range, my 33 pound draw will be too hard for me and i will need to tune down the poundage of my bow again.

*** ***

You know, i saw a former band mate yesterday evening. She was like, sunburnt but also tanned and needless to say, she is still as stunning.
(see, i don't stinge on praise do i? and I AM NOT LESBO!)

But i realize there is something she and other girls like her should know.

Beautifully bronzed skin from tanning is only short lived. Yeah, it makes one look exotic, sporty... generally, just gorgeous with the sun kissed tone.

But look. All you are taking in, are damaging UV rays. DAMAGING. D-A-M-A-G-I-N-G.
Clear enough?
So, gorgeous you may look now as your skin is young, full of collagen, and heals fast.

Ultimately, you are going to age prematurely. You are destroying your cells and setting yourself up to look like a draggy old hag way before your time.

I've seen sun loving caucasians having wrinkly and tanned skin when they really shouldn't.

Think long term. You could prolong your beauty if you would just stop and think about the way you treat your body.
Optimum beauty and youth is fleeting as it is. Don't cause it to further deteriorate faster than you realise.
Vanity makes people do stupid things...
So don't be too vain.

And i don't need to mention Skin Cancer, do i?

Yeah, i was into heavy duty tanning once. But i don't do that anymore. I only do that if i'm out in the sun to shoot. I don't mind getting a proper tan then, since i will be, anyway.

Just don't do something because of the tan.

If you don't believe me, then too bad. I am sorry.
You'll see the consequences in time to come.

Till Then.
*now for some heavy duty mugging*

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