Thursday, September 16, 2004

Happy Memories from Secondary School! Yes, Jo's trying to be happy.

Hello peeps! Many thanks for the comments that you've been leaving behind, and i want ya'll to know that they are very much appreciated! With effect from today/tomorrow, i will be replying to your comments via the comment box itself. This way, i can reply faster and blog posts will be shortened. Thanks. :-D
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Been wanting to go to school to mug where i can use the gorgeous library study cubicles. Oh so many of them...
But, each time i want to go, i realize it's too late anyway. Need to be back for meals with family and the like.

It's been pouring everyday of late.

I love rain.
The only gripes i have about rain is,

1. It completely foils a day out on the range for shooting. I don't care about getting wet. It's my precious darling bow that i cannot bear to destroy. Besides, kinda hard to aim also with the wind blowing my bow and i back and forth, side to side.

2. When mugging, i cannot open my window to enjoy the cold cold wind and rain. Why?
My entire study table and its contents will be having an unpleasant swimming experience.
It happened once. Rather hilarious but troublesome.


When i used to go on camping trips in secondary school back then, i remember that fateful day when we were caught on the beach down below from the dorms.
Then again, "caught" is subjective.

Was enjoying every second of the watery element.

Just sat at the bench, letting the streams of water flow down my face as i stared out to sea. Was as drenched as a dead and drowned rat.
It didn't matter how cold and wet i got because, it was precisely why i loved it.

And i didn't get sick at all.

I miss those camping trips. I remember one Prefect's Retreat we had to Sisters' Island.
I've always been wanting to go back there for another trip for a couple of days.

I remember how as i lay in between two coconut tress through the night, (seriously! So surreal right?) on a very holey hammock (the net kind, not cloth) the feeling was just indescribable.

The sea was just two metres or so away at high tide, the wind blew in cold gusts, the moon was high up in the open sky.
It was so perfect for weirdo, animal-philic me.
I felt so free, so close to nature, my insides ached.

I didn't want the night to end. I wanted the experience to last forever.

Camping trip anyone?

*** ***

Here're a few pictures from the days gone by... Secondary School, that is.
They're actually digital photos of developed photos, so they might not look as good as i'd hoped.

Try to find me... Where's Joline?

1. Sunset taken from Sister's Island. Alwyn's photos reminded me of these pictures i had stashed in my drawer. Thanks for jogging me memory! Posted by Hello

2. Another Sister's Island sunset. String you see on tree is from our hammocks. Posted by Hello

3. Presenting you... My Band Mates! You guys are the best. Probably one of those photos after a school function. Posted by Hello

4. Meet our drum major. He came from playing soccer and switched back to our band uniform. Tell me if that's not gross. Posted by Hello

5. The Band and Drum Major photo with the few extras in it. No lah, you guys complete the picture. heh heh. Aiya, but i spoilt the photo... Posted by Hello

6. Ghim Moh Secondary School Military Band. Small but we all love each other... Brudder, brudder. Conductor Mr Tan on the extreme left and Mr Sim on the extreme right. Yes... wearing a soccer jersey top. Posted by Hello

7. Kill the Drum Majors! Er wait, did i just say we all loved each other? Posted by Hello

8. The leaders and teachers from one of the many St John's Island camps we had back then. Posted by Hello

9. A happy bunch of campers! Teachers not included. St. John's Island as well. Posted by Hello

10. And here's signing off... From Yours Truly and Friends. See, i'm the only civilized one in the photo. :-P Nay, fingers aside, you guys ROCK! Posted by Hello

Did you see me? heehehe, i doubt so.

JC photos next, maybe.

For now,

Till Then.
*Love, me!*

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