Thursday, September 23, 2004

Another quiet night. No, morning.

Hello peeps! Many thanks for the comments that you've been leaving behind, and i want ya'll to know that they are very much appreciated! With effect from NOW, i will be replying to your comments via the comment box itself. This way, i can reply faster and blog posts will be shortened. Thanks. :-D
Yeah, so no replies here because they're in the same commentary box where you left yours.

*** ***

It's 3+am in the morning, and still doing note taking and i am having difficulty remembering everything. Good thing, it is an interesting topic.
Oh, it's psychology exam prep.

Psychoanalytic and humanistic perspectives.

This is the second time i'm staying up so late. BAH.
I hope i can wake tomorrow in time to go to school to mug.

I heard odd noises outside, didn't quite sound like birds yet sounded birdy-ish but in a funny way.

I wonder if some huge, impressive, or scary flying creature might flap down and land on my window sill.

Then it would proceed to tell me that i'm actually a real authentic princess from a far away fantasy land and that they are so happy to have tracked me down and will now bring me back to where i belong.

It is the witching hour.
*cackle, cackle*

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