Sunday, September 05, 2004

just grin and bear it.

Whao, whao, whao... That's quite a statement ya got there! "Sports School will never succeed, with guarantee chop from Alwyn"? And i thought that i was missing out on something i wish i had... The opportunity of coupling sports with studies as a young kid with dreams.
Hm, i wasn't aware of that Jocelyn Yeo tussle, don't recall having read about it.
Hold on a second. The Singapore Idol judges are jokes? Ok, it's true that i find them somewhat... whatever. But i think they are quite mostly right about the standard of singing and are honest, give or take a few mistakes(at least in my opinion) here and there. They aren't perfect but so far, i have no complaints...
CAre to share though?
Sports and Politics... Not sure if you caught this bit, but there was a news bit devoted to an interview with Ang Peng Siong (APS). The thing that i really didn't expect APS to OPENLY say was, "Yes, it's easier because there's less politics" This was with reference to coaching Theresa Goh (i think) our para-olympic (i'm sorry, is that how you spell it?)national swimmer. So... it's clear that politics surrounds and abounds the other body of swimmers and officials. AND, even APS thinks it causes problems... BLEAH. If a coach like him, with a pretty big name in sports, cannot do much to change the situation, what can peanuts like us do.
Heh, yep. Besides the usual font, courier is the other one i prefer to use.

DONCH WORRY!!! You can pass me my CDs AFTER the exams... THanks for letting me know that you are here... Always nice to know that. And i haven't forgotten you. :-)
Life in JC and after would be indeed different and less full without you.
Me? Philosophical? HAHHAHAHA, that's a high compliment though i think maybe it's because i ramble... hahaha.
Yeah, life is getting busier i guess, only because the exams are coming and i have much to accomplish.
I just simply LONG for the exams to be OVER OVER OVER!!!
I am so burnt out from studying and completing assignments non-stop since school started.
After this, i should be having a 3 to 4 month break into next year.
Wonder if i should work... But who'd hire me for such a short time.
Take care, do come visit me... on this blog that is. HAHA.
I see you've abandoned yours. :-P

*** ***

Feel like an empty being.

I wonder... If life feels like crud without God, as a Christian, how do non-Christians feel without this God i know?

Some might say they aren't lacking anything, or, don't feel the need to draw close to this God, or, have found another belief or way to fill that void inside themselves and it satisfies.
Feel free to share more from your own experience.

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Had the ACS AGM yesterday. It was... a new experience.
Not that it was very grand or awe inspiring or anything.

Just that i've never been involved in any serious ADULT AGM better.
(only ones i've ever been to were prefectorial board AGMs)

And i felt a bit cheated because i thought the voting would be done discreetly, like, written on paper anonymously.
WHAT NONSENSE. We just raise hands only!!! FOR ALL TO SEE!

I'm not sure if there were any of X's hidden confederates doing his bidding.
Though i might have my suspicions...

For reasons pertaining to politics, i will not elaborate much except that i hope our club can move forward progressively but SURELY.

Sheesh and it seems that "that silly fella" told me some cock and bull story.

BAH. Not only did i get involved in the AGM, i am now... SADLY, SADLY, SADLY involved as a committee member...


I DIDN'T ask for this!!! But the president nominated me and no one had a problem with that, EXCEPT ME! I didn't vote for myself, though you can, but unfortunately, the votes declared me included as well.


BUT BUT BUT!!! There is a silver lining.
AT LEAST, i no longer have to suck my thumb and now i have an avenue to voice out anything that i feel needs to be changed to improve the club.

Oh, and i was told of a forum for local archers.

Well, you've got to sieve through the nonsense to see the points made, cos our dear archers can be quite crappy (crappy meaning, they say a lot of FARNI, sometimes bo liao but farni anyway, stuff.).

Then again, to really understand their gripes, you have to know all about the dirt that runs deep and foul.
Otherwise, it'll not make sense.

Yep. Anyway, this mundane, i-feel-like-typing post is over and is going up.

Till then.
*May the archers see the light at the end of the tunnel in 2 years time*

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