Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Feeling: Honest and don't stop me.

HELLO!!! Ah hah... so you have delivered your "promise"! nice to see ya left a message for poor lonely me. (ah, choke, choke)
Thanks, i've completed my editing and revamping already. Thank God for that. :-) And i have finally managed to get down to QT this morning. It felt nice coming back to prayer although have to admit... I'll tell you some other time.
Thanks for your encouragement. :-D!!!
Oh, and looks like i have joined a cell.

Heya... Yes, been wondering where ya were all this time. Though i still get a kick out of reading, "Kitty *heart* you" to a pair of shoes. SERIOUS... Nearly flipped off my chair. hahhaa. So Cute la you.
Booking into a quiet hotel?
Yeah, it's been raining and all. Actually then again, rather erratic weather we've been having. And i have to agree with the sleeping... and the internet lure... ah dang.
Hope that you'll be able to pull through, unscathed as possible, the essay and books... Argh, know how that feels.

*** ***
From the INBOX!

Saying 'I Love You' your own special way.

This guy, a Shanghai university student, wanted to express his unfathomable love to his sweetheart. So, what did he do........?

He gave chocolates to all the girls living in the University student apartments and asked them to turn their lights on or off at 8pm that night.

See the pic for the rest.............Truly Breathtaking ! You don't need to guess his sweetheart's reaction.

Hundreds of students came over later to witness this great piece of Art driven by the Greatest Emotion known to Man - 'Love'.
(See attached file: I Love U.jpg)

Lookie! Posted by Hello

So gorgeous right???

Er, no reference given so cannot give credit where credit is due though.

*To those attached... :Something to think about eh? Hee.*

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I am sick of all the soccer that's been going on on tv.
There're leagues after leagues, cup after cup... Spoons and forks and knifes!
It's SO boring seeing these jersey clad bundles of muscle running around on a large green patch.
Yeah, yeah, i know it's just me. While there are thousands of fans who think otherwise.
Honesty, is the BEST POLICY. SO there.

*** ***

I am not a fan of Xiaxue's, but neither do i wish to slam her because i think she does have some talent, in one way or another.

But each time i land on her site, i get assaulted by a huge photo of her, right in my face.

She's really purty, she is, but after a while... the whole feeling just becomes...
Rotten. I didn't say she looks rotten, i said, the whole feeling of seeing that picture of herself gets annoying.
Maybe even a little painful.

But i still read her stuff anyway. Call it entertainment if you will.

Speaking of blogs and strange attractions to some.

It seems the blogs that are considered worthy of some top crap, have one thing in common. That is, it is SO SECULAR.
Take Xiaxue's stuff, and Belle de Jour's stuff.
Ok, maybe Belle has some interesting way of writing, can be deep, or so i read from a report.

But what these blogs all seem to have in common are just, worldly indulgences.

Perhaps, that's just the way the world likes it.
Sex, heart thumping exploits other than sex, and other gossip.

Feel free to tell me if i am missing something.

Anyway, if you want a good case of IRONY and if you kinda... don't like Xiaxue very much, go read her recent post on models in Sg and one of the comments that she got.

I say: WELL DONE for noticing that. I didn't myself.

Aw, i don't hate Xiaxue... i think she just needs a taste of some of her own reflection now and then.

Perhaps her cyber image gets in the way of true judgement. Well, i just hope she's less than half of her cyber image.

*** ***

Just watched a Johnny Depp movie, "Secret Window". Interesting, but could've improved the ending some more...

And finally...

Till Then.
*feel like creaming something*

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