Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wonderings about ancient human procreation and another weird thing.

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I'm not being dirty minded.

But i wonder how the first humans had sex.
(hm, first humans. Seems to me i do not subscribe to evolution although some of it seems to be quite persuasive, anyhoo. To be honest, i was debating with myself over the issue of evolution some time back. Ok, so this is a publc declaration of my rejection of evolution)

You know, if humans first started out as ape like things (so says evolutionists), and since God made Adam and Eve in the image of Himself, then God looks like an Ape?

"LUDICROUS!" you hiss.
"Do you know how God looks like then?"

Whether by choice or hope, or just pure convention, I personally think that God is not an Ape.
Not even a smart Ape.

It's like, you kind of wonder how they managed to figure it out.
Ok, so the first people i believe were Adam and Eve.
Did God have to like, whisper to Adam when he was maybe playing with a parrot and whisper to Eve when she was riding a horse?

Ok, you might say it was just basic instincts. Ok... but i mean, HOW would they have known what was for what?
They came to Earth as adults right? They didn't exactly have time as children and adolescents to explore their bodies. If you read about growing up, you might know a bit about that.

But i guess since we're all here, they got it right.

And then, can you imagine.

Adam and Eve were the first ever highest order living things.
Isn't it amazing that all the people that ever came AFTER them were descendents OF ADAM AND EVE? (before the flooding of the Earth though. Noah's Ark yeah?)

That's a WHOLE LOAD OF PEOPLE coming from just two people and their descendents and blah blah, don't you think?
And can you imagine how long it took for people to procreate till they filled the Earth?

Maybe it wasn't all that difficult...
Back then, people could live up to a few hundred years of age! What was the longest...? 900+?
Hm, i wonder how they looked like by 900.
Maybe at the age of 700 or so, they would look like today's 100?

I wonder how their libidos were like at 600 years of age and i wonder how many children they could still give birth to at the age of 500, 600, 700... Interesting, isn't it.

Imagine the family sizes... WHAOOOO.

I'm NOT TRYING to be disgusting lah! What are you thinking?

*** ***

You know, following from the bible.
About how Adam and Eve had their eyes opened after eating that fruit and how they realized that they were naked soon after and that they were now officially, sinful.

As a child, i used to think that:
Hey, if i continue being a good girl, perfect, faultless and SINLESS... maybe i'll see myself beginning to fade into transparency or maybe instead of flesh and skin, my body will be replaced by bright light.
You know, like, purity and sinlessness.

I'm still very fleshy, so, drop it Jo.

*** ***

I am just scared over the coming exams... I've never felt this unsure before and i sure don't want to repeat this module.

I don't know how to study for it. *wails*

Anyway, i have two bubble teas next to me.
I am getting fat. Really fat.

Till Then.
*A new life in cell(i hope) and in God.*

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