Monday, September 20, 2004

Wot a day mate... Wot a day.

Hello peeps! Many thanks for the comments that you've been leaving behind, and i want ya'll to know that they are very much appreciated! With effect from NOW, i will be replying to your comments via the comment box itself. This way, i can reply faster and blog posts will be shortened. Thanks. :-D
Yeah, so no replies here because they're in the same commentary box where you left yours.

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Am i wrong to say that i hardly divulge about my day's happenings?
Ok, ONLY if it is an archery day, then i'll be yabbering about my scores and what not.
I'm hoping to make this post as short as my non-stop shooting mouth would possibly allow allow allow.

Saturday and Sunday was exceptional, for this fat mountain turtle. (goes to town... lalala.)

Saturday went like this:
Got up and rushed through as much exam prep as i could and obviously, it wasn't productive.
Tried to hide my sudden outburst of zits, (this one episode was abnormal ok! Suddenly so many and so painful) and then rushed off to church for cell group meeting.
Thought i would be late because i had a grand total of about 8 minutes to get to the room from the MRT station.
Walked so hard i developed an instant blister on my left sole.
But it was worth it. Got there early and got to meet two other cell group girls. Both awfully nice.
Also found out from cell leader later that our cell actually has a punctuality problem one.

We had such a great time of sharing, more in depth than usual, as i learnt from an old timer later. Was greatly blessed by the care and concern from the rest.
Thank God! :-DDDDDD

After cell, we kind of had to dash down for evening service at the auditorium.

After which, i was ready to go off with family for dinner but was spotted by K who asked me to come along for dinner, so... I at first reluctantly said: I'll go check with my family...

BUT i am SO GLAD i went... Thanks K! :-D

My dad was only TOO happy to say "YEAH! Go! Go!".
(he thinks i should get to know more people my age in church, and i agree)

OKIE! So off i went with a bunch of people i HARDLY knew. It felt weird and God knows i was trying my utmost best to be a friend to them and be as natural as possible.

We adjourned to the convenient hawker centre nearby and had quite an interesting time of talking utmost crappology.
Ya, you know, we had this short session of nonsense bible jokes.
(eg. who was the first man in the bible to wear a bra, OR, who was the first man in the bible to break ALL the 10 commandments at one shot)
Wanna know the answer? Ha, try guessing... If you dunno, then ask me, i tell you.

It felt so odd:
- was with a bunch of 7 people including myself. And there were only 2 girls. Me and K.
- the rest of the guys were people i met for the first or second time only.
- was trying to be who i was without being TOO myself, cos i'd scare them all that way.
- hello? Jo with a group of guys? Go and buy 4D lah! Sure strike BIG TIME.

Overall calculation and impressions:
(I mean what i say, and i tell the truth. So if you think it's mean, you meet the fella youself and tell me what you think.)

Guy 1 : complete, big time, mean, jerk face that i hope isn't as bad as he portrays himself to be.
Guy 2 : never-say-one-single-word so i dunno.
Guy 3 : talks like a lot, sometimes he talks until we don't know what on Earth he's saying. I thought he resembled a secondary school friend of mine.
Guy 4: Rather -, sometimes humourous.
Guy 5: Rather - too. Quiet and can be quite farni...

Went to Heeren to buy HMV voucher as a birthday present.
I felt a pang of: Darn... Wish i could be famous too... Uh? Anyway.
Then went to meet two good friends from JC.
Then off to friend's place for birthday celebration.

Was suppose to stay home to do work before meeting JC mates. But i had no choice but to go down to orchard at the last minute...
So, Ger, I'M SO SORRY. I wanted to tell you that i was going to be in town after all but i figured it was better i didn't change the plans anymore.

Sunday was non-stop action man...

Went shopping around for the belt i need for my quiver but to no avail. In the end, it seems i will be getting the belt through a friend in the army? But i don't know how serious he is about helping me.

Don't people wear belts these days?!?!??!?!

OH. And i decided to do something i usually wouldn't do.

I was browsing through a boutique and came across this super-short-to-the-max looking skirt and i thought: OK! I'm going to try this on for the heck of it! LALALLALA! I've never tried something like this before... Wonder how i'd look like in it. Gonna try man, oh so fun!

It fitted pretty swell ok! But first.
Back and side views were forgiving...
But when you see me from the front, you will puke your guts.
Won't tell you why lah.

There is this little rhyme on Singaporean women:

From the back, I desire...
From the side, I perspire...
From the front, I retire...

HAHHAHAHHAA. okok. It just means that we're suppose to have generally ugly faces.

ANYWAY... I discovered that actually, it only looks short because it's a hipster skirt.
It IS short, but not as short as i expected. SO... Looks like i might get one... If i can get over my pukey physical feature...

Oh, one of the best parts was Cody the Dog! (the birthday girl's pet) It's my first time meeting Cody and he's quite the rascal. WA. Jack Russells are insane.
Rocket fuel powered, intelligent, hyper, rubber bodied, stocky things.

The fella slurped my face over and over, helping me clean off grime from the day i guess.
He's crazy, he is. Cannot sit still for more than 15 seconds.

But i love dogs... And they love me ok. I am one with dogs...

Short post, my foot.

Ok, i'm growing eye bags big enough to carry chickens in them.
Good Night.

Tlll then.
*be well... till the next verbal diarrhoea!*

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