Thursday, July 29, 2004

Off to a Wedding.

Orh... Ok, now i get the origins of the terms. I knew what GG-fied meant but not how it came about. FF is new to me though. Ha, probably because aceing anything was way out of my capability anyway.
I'm really glad you like the music from Solo Piano Radio... It's a pleasure to introduce you to music you might appreciate. Haha, nice to hear that you even slept to it.
Actually, i have an opinion or two about the music, (sorry, i can be quite a critic) but well, anyway. Enjoy mate!
When i first heard it, i was pretty hooked. New Age piano, 24/7... :-)!
David Lanz's music's on as well.

Couldn't afford to sleep, no? hahhaa, had tons of work to do. *mumble*

*** ***

Hoo Boy. All that work will come to  temporary stop as i journey across the causeway from today till sunday. I hope those relatively rushed assignments will still be somewhat competent.

Ok, had a really late bath and i needed to wait for my dead cells to dry off... Since the camera was sitting tight and pretty, looking rather innocuous, i decided that my fingers were kind of trigger happyish, so...

Sigh. That's me.
The monkey who writes all this nonsense.

Fooling around with the digital camera at 1:45am. Posted by Hello

I hope you didn't throw up the last meal you took... Barfing doesn't quite leave a nice taste on your tongue now, does it?

I think i'm going to need to get ready, or hide for that matter, for and from anyone who's going to sue me for visual assault.

It's awful late and my dead cells are dry, so i bid thee Good Day. (at 2+am)

Going to leave soon. I can't say that i've never been more enthusiastic. Garn, i guess it's because my sister isn't coming along. No company to stick with among the rest of the cousins!
Went to do some laps and a little corrective tanning, in a bid to darken selected bits of myself.
Sigh. I think the darkened just got darker.

Took a stroll around JP, hunting for a pair of bright silver dangly earrings but to no avail. Or more like, none really were to my liking.

And i am pleased to say i browsed around Toys R Us... Oh, those were the days!
I'm was and am a "My Little Ponies" fan since i was a tot, they are mighty aesthetically pleasing, methinks.

Spent a little money on myself at Watsons, something i have not done for a long time. Money's been sacred recently ever since blowing the $1+k on my archery equipment.

Perhaps my mission of tiring myself out today has been 50% successful. The other unfulfilled 50% was because I wanted to go to SAFRA for a little indoor archery but they open only at 2pm, which's too late.
*whispers to the sky*
I LOVE ARCHERY... God knows how much i love it.

I need to burn off more energy... Now what else can i do? Hmm.

Till Then.
*Adious... Take care, miss me and leave me messages!!! Might post pictures from the wedding dinner when i return.*
*Gads, that (funny) smell seems to be coming from me!*

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