Wednesday, July 14, 2004


You are right to say that educated people (like, all rounded educated) should be and should incline towards being civil and good to their human counterparts. However, although we all hope and want to think that the educated will always be that way and should... education can also breed arrogance and snobbery. So it is with great regret that i know of people who are "cultured", "educated", "learned"... But yet fail in some most basic ways of being civil and mature. That's why i said, they are "not always nicest, most civil..."
Haha, pinch my dog's cheeks? Don't think he'll stay in one place long enough.

Serious... Perhaps those who were overseas are coming back (holidays, break from school?) and so the local bound people are die-die making time for those precious friends who're back for only a short time.
Heh, reunions are jolly wonderful things aren't they.
Wah, how could you miss Robin like that... just a block of seats away from you? And went up on stage as a "cookie" (yes, a chocolate chip cookie) also to promote our pre-Fun-O-Rama money raising stall? hehehe.

*** ***

It feels good to have a whole day free at home, which i can use to the fullest to finish some work calling for my attention with their faintly jelly-like-only-visible-to-me-arms.

Going off across the causeway at the end of this month, so, ensuring that i've completed my work is a do or die situation.

I never thought i'd say this but i actually think that the psychology essay questions in my assignment sheet all look rather interesting to attempt.

Instead of the barrage of psych MCQ questions we got from Monash during exams, we have to write essay questions for the Open University exams.

I suppose the 96 killer MCQs are for the purpose of testing students over a wide range of topics.
Essay questions can only test so much at one shot.

Sigh, which makes studying for it much tougher. Go figure.

But on the other hand, i appreciate the way the British system.
I will testify that the psych text we have are a bloodsucking, stress-inducing, sleep-snatching stacks of dead processed trees.

But at the end of the day, i realize that the purpose of the university writing the topics that way, actually benefit us as future psychologists.
Psychology is about application, and deals with real humans and humans are dynamic and complex creatures...

The way we are taught helps us to appreciate that, thus deal with the very issues we must use in future.

It's a lot better than reading discrete chapters that make no links between "this approach and that approach."

I hated the system at first because it drove me nuts into confusion but overall, i came to understand the real deal.
And i must say... Thank You Open University.

*** ***

I saw a classmate with his significant other that day. But why did he ask me out? Besides, he looks like the very decent sort.
*confused furrowed brows*

*** ***

I give all Thanks and Praise to God again!

I was having that awful bout of flu when i had a major psych report to do about a month ago?
Well, it's been returned and i got an 86!
Actually, that's like 1 mark away from an A. *wistful sigh*
But nevertheless, Thank God i pulled through that... and it was a non-substitutable assignment as well...

*** ***

I am grateful... For the friends that i have in my life.
In a space of 3 days, three people (excluding Phansopa) from my past school years got in contact with me.
It feels awfully good to know that people who've stepped into your life and though aren't seen often, step in again, on their own accord, into the picture.
Although the saying goes: Friends come and go...
I'm glad that i have friends who come, and stay.

I really appreciate you guys.
Makes me reflect on my rather individualistic style of living.

Till Then.
*Drums fingers... in (im)patience. Coach...? *

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