Monday, July 26, 2004

Knew i couldn't do It. *heh...*

Like i said, i knew i would be back. :-)
So people who actually read my stuff... Guess you can be assured of updates still. Just not as frequent.

*** ***

I feel like ditching this politically correct side of me, and turn bitchy-brutally honest.
It makes people laugh really, but also makes them think not so nice things about me.

I used to be that way. Honest to the point of not filtering the things i say.
Not saying i am not that way still, but to those of you who know me now, i used to be worse. Ah, so now you know.

I've toned down a lot in real life and i'm projecting the toned down image online as well, and maybe am even a shade nicer. *URGH!*

On the other hand, i am a person striving to be Christ-like. In other words, UNmean, UNbitchy, UNrude, UNsecular, UN(fill in a bad trait), etc.
So, what's to become of me.

*** ***

Hello!!! Yes... Doesn't the term just bring back memories.
What's the ff one about?

Heya. haha, i knew i wouldn't stay away for long. I am a chatterbox, and always in need of an outlet, and FAST!

*** ***

I love recent events. It's an awfully great feeling to be surrounded by friends... Specifically, friends from JC. Not long ago, Betty came over to my place for a short meet-up. Then, Phansopa came back from overseas and so we met up as a small group.
Then i had my date with the Library Gang for a belated birthday dinner at Fish and Co. (btw, i have decided that i love Fish and Co.)
Following which i ended up talking with Ivan and Ambrose consecutively on the phone till... about 1+ a.m, almost 2a.m.
Then another friend i've knwn since sec 2 kinda messaged me not long ago.
Real nice.

Yesterday... Sunday... Archery Day.
Happy is not enough to describe how i feel about it. I guess that's because i felt close to crying last week.
I did much better this week compared to last week. No more strange, distracting, deviating arrows.
This week i decided to take down my scores. I've never done so before.
(1 end=6 arrows, 1 round=6 ends, 1 round=36 arrows)
I recorded 3 rounds. It's not fantastic, but i must say it's a good start for me.
1st round: 270/360
2nd round: 274/360
3rd round: 267/360
All this was at 30m. I had one 'X'!!!
The average is a loss of 90 points or so, i guess. That means 9 perfect arrows.

I never knew singing songs in Mandarin could be so FUN.
We had a bilingual church service on saturday... so yeah.
They flashed both chinese and english on the system.
Wa, fun.
But of course i couldn't catch up at the fast parts and was too preoccupied with reading the words properly to be conscious that i should be worshipping God!
Anyway, i imagine God having a little loving smirk on his face when he hears my gibberish mandarin.

*** ***

i had better get cracking on the remainder of my arts essay. Go JO!

Will be leaving for Malaysia on thursday and back only on sunday.
I'm thinking of sneaking to the range on thursday to get my weekly doze of archery.

Till Then.
*Hug. Love you all, friends.*

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