Thursday, July 15, 2004

Death and Taxes

The two surest things you can get around here.

Read my bible this morning and came across some rather disturbing verses.
About how God commanded so and so not to pray for so and so, because He wouldn't listen anyway.
And the Study Bible said "God's Patience Exhausted".

I have no idea what to think!
God is suppose to be all patient and kind and loving.

Ok, perhaps he does have everlasting love, which he'll return to after a bout of anger.
Does this mean God has a temper? And has moods too?

Could it be that all his moods are justified anyway? Since he is sovereign over all?

Once again, i am thinking and wondering.
But there's only so much, i, a little tiny being can understand.

*** ***

It's sad.
The dentist who did my teeth once has passed away... From dreaded cancer.

One scary part is that his wife also had a bout with nose cancer, but is thankfully in remission now.
But the worst part of it all is that he has FOUR kids...
And, they are still pretty youngish.

My mom saw how distraught the children were when they were before their father.
It just brings tears to my heart.

It's not like his wife led an unhealthy lifestyle...

Rampant and feared.
I was told, that today, 1 in 3 people get it.

And you never know whether it spells sure death or life after it.

Till Then.
* Dad: "That's why... Count your Blessings." *

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