Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Back, returned. Oh, home...

This is Fifi, my aunt's dog. She's got the most beautiful brown eyes. Posted by Hello

Dogs just love me. See that tongue go! Posted by Hello

That's the 2nd dog, Ivy. I prefer wolfish dogs but doggy affinity overrules! Posted by Hello

Look at what archery has done to my skin colour.

Nikki. My youngest cousin. 3 words: hilarious, cute, hyper. Posted by Hello

Breakfast at "Spices". I loved the European deco and the warm and dim lighting. Posted by Hello

Incomplete family photo at the bridal suite after the tea ceremony. Bride and groom are both stunning! Posted by Hello

Opening speech by bride and groom at the wedding dinner. Heh. Does this look like camera tricks at play? Nay. Posted by Hello

Sigh. Was the oldest at my table since my sister was absent. *mumble* Tanlines very unglam. Posted by Hello

Sweet. Posted by Hello

He surprised her with something he wrote (velly lomantic wor...) as well as with another ring, ANOTHER proposal included. *aww...* Posted by Hello

She sings a four line song in return. I'm surprised at how (soul?) mates can be so at ease with each other... Even in front of dinner guests! So wonderful. Posted by Hello

*** ***

There are more photos, but well... i might crash the system so, no go.

The problem with being the photographer is most of the time, you are excluded from photos. Hello? I didn't even take a personal shot with the bride, my cousin!?
Not only that, i could've used my brain and mouth and ask for someone to do it, but no...
Jo, what's your bleedin' problem?

I don't really want to go into the details of the trip because during the trip and since i've been back, i''ve been having disturbing headaches as well as school work yodelling at me from my study desk.
Did that make sense? *resigned meow*
not sure if i should see a doc. THe headaches are consistent.

In summary:

1. The trip was draining though it was good to see everyone again, and bond with my seldom seen cousins.
2. Malaysian drivers are terrors. And so are the roads.
4. I have decided that toilet seat designs and temperature have the power to mess up my digestive system.
5. Home is best.
6. Was mostly spaced out throughout the trip. Not unpleasantly so, but more so than usual.
7. Went to Times Square, and had a short ride on the KL monorail!
8. Hotel was nice. So was the gym... Gawked at the gleaming free weights all laid out, complete, on the rack.
9. My parents have more energy than me.

Lots of other stuff but my headache is disturbing.

*** ***


:-D. Thank you. It gives me hope. ;-P

Whao, i'm very flattered. *red face* Thanks... :-) That's like, one of the highest compliments ever!
HAHHA. Modelling? *flashes a "i-think-i-am-so-pretty" grin at self*
Oops. I think i just heard a thousand ships sinking. Teehee.
Oh, eye bags are definitely there... Perhaps were concealed by shadows.

:-D Thanks. The lighting was from my table lamp. Halogen bulb, methinks, orange light.
Oh..... Next time go prepared with plugs and such. You might get the pictures you want that way.
Aii-yai, affirmative. Though i would like to think that at some point in history, ACSians were not like that. Gee, which is why i was rather disappointed during one rugby final during our time.

OOOHH!!!! VAMpire!!! AHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH. Wonder if i can be his Vampiress? His partner in crime...
Aiyah, old dreams die hard, no? haha, kidding, kidding. It is imperative that we do not mention his real name here, okie?
I haven't seen him lately, ALTHOUGH... i just discovered that my outdoor archery range is just NEXT to his condo. Can you believe it... But not sure if he's still staying there.
Ang moh look? heheheeehehehe....

*** ***

Will be off for now. Back to work, ploughing, plodding, mugging...

Hope to share more of my monkey chatter with everyone but duty calls.

Be well, take care.

Till Then.

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