Sunday, July 11, 2004

Pretty tired but fulfilled

I dont want to blog tomorrow as i've just discovered, with horror that i have a zillion things to do. I have virtually one whole course book to finish reading in one week, and two assignments to do... before the end of this month.

Hoooo boy.

Ok, so i went for archery today. Must say that i am pretty ok with myself. No major, "i-so-want-to-donk-u-on-head, why-didn't-you..."

I guess all i have to learn is:
1. know when to put down even after aiming for a while. Esp so when you know it's going to be a bad shot.
2. Rest when tired. This might seem downright understood. But for someone who cannot get enough of archery, i get carried away.
3. Wait for that "ppeeaace..."
Somehow, the pin will cease to move just for a tiny instant, and the mind seems to blank and there'll be this tiny moment of space... Then you release.

I managed to get like 4 or 5 arrows into the yellow for one particular end. i.e, all 9s and 10s.
1 end=6 arrows
1 round=6 ends
1 round= 36 arrows

I was surprised at how noisy it was being next to recurve shooters.
It was mighty crowded at the 30m, 80cm target faces. I was the only compound shooter in the line.
THere're very few female compound shooters around.
Left and right, i was surrounded by "TWANGS...", "CLICKS", "ZOINGS"... "Shhhnggg"
The manifestation of the shock after one shot is quite audible.

Is it a good thing if someone can guess you're from ACJC by the way you speak? Erm... and is it a good thing if you can likewise guess if someone is from RJC from the way they speak?
HM..... i leave you to think about that.

I have finally bought an elbow guard. No, not to guard my elbow, but to guard my forearm. I am getting bruises and bad cuts faster than they can heal.
I don't have a problem with it looking ugly or anything neither do i have a problem with the pain, but they get in the way sometimes.

Spoke to coach, it seems things aren't too bad for me, although i'm not going to say it's comfirmed until i get me forms signed and handed in and approved.
Bleedin' politics.
Not that i want to gossip, but some things will concern me and i worry.

Went to pick up my elbow guard at HV and then went for the mini performance by my alma mata military band.
So, i am by all standards shagged and bushed for the day.

Toodles, loves.

Till Then.
*All for God's glory and fame"

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