Saturday, July 17, 2004

Internal Jumping Bean.(edited)

Got a VERY pleasant surprise when i logged on and discovered the new format that Blogger's got.
LOVE it!!! WHOOPEE!! This is nice.
*** ***
There's something about guy friends and them driving cars... that i find rather sexy.
Hmm... Why is this so? Is it something psychological?
Any Freudian explanation for this? :-P
I want to go to Ngee Ann City to do some of the sporting activities they have!!!
ARCHERY and SPRINTING, are the ones i'm eyeing... My two loves...
But i think they're using a bare bow. Not used to those, especially after using the compound for a while.
The most i can switch from, would be from compound to recurve. But even then, i would need a bow sight to go with it. 

I'm going to get shot for this, but yeah.

Having read about the evolutionary explanation about males and females... (hard not to think about it, no? Even though it should not be a factor... biblically.)
And having heard so many horror stories...

I began to doubt that men could have any feelings of real love, are capable of commitment and complete devotion and faithfulness.

But... after a little exposure, well... it seems they are capable of deep feelings of hurt involving matters of the heart.

"Of course, we're HUMANS Jo!!!"

Well, didn't quite get that impression, quite, mates.
Faith in relationships had been dissolved as of late.

Besides... the very fact about being human... explains some things... Evolution, evolution...?

But truth be told, I'm no where near 60% convinced. Gonna need lots of it. And it's gonna take a REALLY great guy to be able to change my mind.

"So, what say you, God?"
But then, studies and a serious mate don't quite go very well.

Ok, need to go.
Been a long, slightly more eventful then usual, day.
Till Then.
*Love the new format*

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