Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Was an escapist today.

I decided yesterday that i was going to go shoot.
I needed time to myself, was troubled, and i think i was getting sick of the house.
Quite the opposite of homesickness, although both "conditions" warrant the same term...

So... Here i was this morning.

As wide a photo i could get of most of the range. It's actually L-shaped so you can't see the rest of the field. Those thingys covered in green are the target boards. Posted by Hello

Shot a few sets of 6 arrows in whatever window of time i had.

I didn't dare to take one particularly pleasing set cos someone else was there and i was kinda embarrassed about whipping out my camera.

So i only took the one below because the other archer left.

My last 6 arrows before i packed up to leave. Direct view from arrow nock end. Two 7s, two 8s, one 9 and one 10. At 30m, with a 80cm diameter target sheet. Posted by Hello

The same 6 arrows as above. Should have done better though. Posted by Hello

It's my second time going at this 80cm target at 30m. I know i can improve.
The clustering has not reached desirable tightness.
But all in all, not bad progress considering i am a weekend warrior.

And before i left...

Funny flying thingy emitting bendy chopsticks lines. Not that it's visible though. Posted by Hello

A pathetic field archery target deer. Posted by Hello

The result of my efforts. The bruise higher up was from sunday while the ugly cut and surrounding bruise near my elbow was from today. The width of the dark bit shows the approx. thickness of the bowstring. (bowstring is slighter thinner) Posted by Hello

*** ***

Thank you for your comments and tip. Always appreciate you dropping in... Keep em comin'! :-)
Yeah. In the light of what you pointed out, in this world, especially these days, i can see how fortunate and blessed i am. To be very honest with you. I could be wrong, but i get this inkling that good, "wholesome" families are hard to come by these days. There was a point in time when almost all my friends around me in school came from broken families.
Today, marriages don't last. Families break up when the children are still young and schooling. It's very sad. The very unit that makes up a person (micro level), and makes up a nation (macro level), is in danger.
Some Christians claim to be such and just follow the regime and rituals. But they do not seem to try to take the full pains, the full effort, their ALL, to uphold Christian values and God's laws.
Some Christians think pre-marital sex, drinking, and other behaviour considered poor in God's eyes, is all right and commit it. It is not.
*sigh* When trust is complete in the Lord, the peace indeed surpasses all human understanding. Once again, to be honest, i can say that this incident hit me at a rather bad and low point in my walk with God. That's why i crumbled and i felt no peace, was worried and hurt. Remember that post filled with questions? Yeah... Thoughts i should not have still haunt me although i try to shove them away and keep my mind focused on the truth.
I visited the site you recommended. Yep. What she said correlated with much of how i felt as well when i thought a lot about death's possible visit.
Before the diagnosis was out, i had very strong urges each time to tell my mom that i loved her. Yep... That's why i stress, and why many emails stress... Tell the ones you love, that you love them. I used to think it was just so understood already and cliche. But cliches being all of cliches. They reveal their value and truth once more when reality strikes. This has happened to me many times before.
Ok. About the tip on competitive sports.
-EVERYTHING is true. Enough said.-

I am a dong dong. What's TCM? I know just how you feel... I too hope that whatever it is, that it's not cancerous. I will be here if you need me.

*** ***

After archery practice, i went to City Hall to pick up the new Wow Worship(red) CD.
Tip of the Day: Always compare prices whenever possible. And most importantly... cheaper at Gramophone. *wink*

I also bought another David Lanz CD. It's one of his older albums that i've been wanting for a long time. It's his Christmas Eve Album. Very pretty music. Does anyone know how to put music on the blogger website?

I splurged today. I rarely buy CDs ever since i started school and bought my equipment.
Oh, and i finally FOUND that allan key i've been searching for. Went from clementi to HV, but futile.
The hardware store at Funan solved it all.

Looks like my chances at the national training team is at stake AGAIN.
Firstly, it is said that there might be a shuffling within the national team itself.
Secondly, the way that they choose archers for the team(s) is based on... PARTIALITY and POLITICS! *ARGGHHHH!!!*
Thirdly, coach's chances of staying is super slim.

*** ***

Archery aside. Matters of the heart also made an uprise and gave me quite a shock to the system.
Well, i'll pull through this one, in a couple of weeks.

It's the archery thing that's got me peeved.

If only things had moved faster before the AGM.

Till Then.
*Time to rebuild my relationship with God*

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