Sunday, July 18, 2004


And i thought this day wouldn't come.
Garn. I actually had a bad compound shooting day.
Tell me, that's weird.
It's pretty all right for recurve, but compound? Sheeeeshhh...
For starters, i had two perpetually strange-off-target-flying arrows. Always landing on the same spot on the target sheet. No way can it be by chance. It happened in multiple sets. ANNOYING.
Then, ALTHOUGH i had quite a number of bull's eyes and 'X's, my grouping ABSOLUTELY SUCKS.
How many bull eyes you get DON'T matter. It's the grouping that matters.
I don't know what went wrong today.
I just totally flopped.
It was never this bad.
Sigh. This probably sounds like incessant monkey chatter.
Nobody would know how much this tears me to bits inside.
Coach spent some time with me after the national team left. Helped me adjust my bow (which was ALSO screwed up). Arrow rest too low, bubble not in line cos the sight was crooked...
And of course being a coach, tweaked bits of wrong posture here and there.
Oh, and he discovered how small the yellow circle looks in my scope. That means the magnification is not all that powerful. It's at +0.75.
AH HAH. SEE? So, i'm not so bad EH?
*and Jo goes momentarily insane and makes ugly faces*
*straightens, cocks head and sits down politely*
I feel like trooping myself down tomorrow to set myself straight. Waiting for sunday to come again to climb back up is no way to go.
My mindframe would've gotten negative, and that's a big fat, no-no.
I need to prove it to myself.
*** ***
Couldn't help myself. Went down to Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.
Ok... I should've known.
Before you can even try any of the sporting activities, you need to buy something first from the Giordano or Swatch booths. Stewpid right?
I'm getting EXTREMELY unevenly tanned.
But that's the least of my worries. 
*** ***
Let me digress.
About guy friends and their cars.
There's just something about the way their young male genes/testosterone click with their car.
There's just something in the way they hold the keys as they walk towards the machine...
There's just something about the way they handle the driving picture.
It's just so sexy.
Or maybe i just haven't been driven around by friends very much, for the simple reason that i try not to sponge off rides from people.
Ok, i'm just weird.

*** ***
Attractive he might be...
Mature he might be...
Interesting he might be...
But no more will i consider such options. Never again.
*** ***

Overall: UPSET.
Till then.
*'elp... 'Elp Me!*

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