Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Transient thoughts

Pictures taken when i had a lollipop in hand. Something a greedy min pin cannot resist.

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It's amazing how they seem to rearrange their facial anatomy to look so cute when there's food around.
Being the strict owner who rarely spoils him with human food, i didn't give in.
woo hoo.
But it's a lolly for goodness sake.

*** ***

Freedom comes after the pain.
I guess it must be a good thing after all.
Ah, glad i've gotten over it, and in goodwill.

I've learnt:
Never to try to convince yourself to believe that something was right or meant to be, even when deep inside, you KNOW you can feel it's wrong.
You'd only be lying to yourself and chasing something you oughtn't. And if you pursue it, you'd be going down the wrong trail.

It is so unfair how some people (or rather, this particular soul) can be so good looking... *hahaha*
Chiselled face, bright, almond brown eyes, good complexion, nice hairline, smooth hair...
And you just can't have it/...!
I promise, had my previous dog turned into a homosapien, he'd be a spankingly gorgeous human. Ok, excluding the cow-ish patches he had.

Ever since the scare, i realize that i have been more sensitive towards the needs of people-in-despair. Whether they are the afflicted, or the afflicted's relations. I no longer feel that cynical wave when i encounter anything to do with the NKF or other charitable organizations.
And i feel less indifferent than before.
I used to be pretty unfeeling. Not to say i am a saint now, but i do feel more for them.
I thank God for teaching me something... Mayhap in future i will be of help to these people when i can.

"You can come shoot at 70m, you know?"
"Erm... can 31 pounds reach anot..."
*laughs at my ludicrous question*
"Of course!" and walks away.
"can meh..."

Educated people, are not always the nicest, most civil people.

*** ***

Meeting with old ACJC classmates

Yesterday was great.

Phansopa, mah old ACJC mate returned to Singapore from studies in the UK. Having his summer holidays now.

Had such a good time meeting up with him, Teng Whye and Robin in ACJC.

It was just, unspeakably wonderful to see him, and them, back on familiar ground...
Seeing Phansopa back from so far away made everything seem like time never went by and that suddenly, the old JC atmosphere was back.

Just like nothing ever did change.

Kinda helped that he was the same too. Ha, his hair is the same, his crapping is the same, his mannerisms are the same...
I sure missed him!
Thank God for a friend like him.

We got the meet, Mr Paul Cheong, Mdm Tham, Miss Michelle Tang, Miss Phang, Miss Mahaini, my ex home chem tutor now ACJC chem teacher, Mr Harvinder Singh...
And other teachers we knew but only smiled at.
It was just SOO beautiful.

Funny i didn't feel nostalgic. I'm glad i didn't, because i would've fallen into a gloomy stupor. I was just pleased and happy to be back where we used to trod.

We visited our old classroom too, 7.12 and the other non-official 7.14.
The vibes and ghosts of the past remain...

I find it quite funny.

The old "jaga" at the main gate, wouldn't let us in without a valid reason and treated the situation as though we were potential terrorists!
But the minute you step in, everyone treats you like an old friend and treat you like a person with EVERY right to be within the school compounds.
It's the AC spirit. The Family. Can't shake it.

"No Loitering", says the "jaga".
But goodness. That's what ex students DO! LOITER! Enjoy the scenery! The landscape! Hunting down teachers... DUH!!!

I let myself down, but... no matter.

Last sunday, i was the last person at the 30m line. Remember i told you about how crowded it was?
Ok, imagine all those people standing, GATHERED not spread out, behind you as you aim to take the shot.
To make it even worse, the national coach was watching too.

And to top off the moment, i didn't take the last shot and put my bow down.
Anti-climax eh?

Reason being: My arm was shaking too much to continue. Not out of fear, but out of fatigue.
Coach said to me: Why did you stop?
I offered no answer.

The little crowd of people just took my words away.
Was stunned into momentary silence when i turned around to see the people behind me.
I feel bad about it.

I love Archery SO MUCH.


"If i (not me) leave, you won't see many of these people here anymore"

I am thinking.
Is it more important to carry on shooting for the country, despite the disdain for the new committee, OR
Is it right to fight for self protection by leaving the team altogether?

Is it a decision made by dignity, or immaturity?

If coach leaves, i am going to feel very awkward then.

Till Then.
*All... in a matter of Time.*

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