Friday, June 03, 2005

I abhor dishonesty

Please be honest with me.

Stop twisting your stories, for WHATEVER reason. Whether it's to save your behind, avoid embarrassment, or so as not to hurt me.

STOP TWISTING YOUR STORIES. Just be straight and civil with me.

I'd rather see the trait of honesty in you than hear a white lie or any other lie, and seeing THROUGH it.

In case you DIDN'T realize, your words BETRAY you and i CAN TELL.
I'm not so dumb as to not put two and two together when i hear different versions at different times.

You know? When i keep seeing that happen, it makes me think that you are a liar.

If you keep doing that too often, i will just stop "thinking" that you're a liar, and decide that you ARE a liar.

I am watching you.

My silence does not mean that you got away with anything.

I am merely waiting and observing. I am going to see what really lies underneath that pretty picture.

Don't ask me if i'm talking about you. If you feel a prick, i believe that you are mature enough to know what to do.

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