Sunday, June 12, 2005

First time at a Police Carnival

La la la... Will be at the Police Academy today (sunday). Helping to man the Archery Club of Singapore booth.
Never been to such a carnival as either patron or stall "man-ner".

I shall be "coaching" (*wink*) interested parties who want to shoot for fun. So, line up! line up!

Ask for Coach Joline! (heh, cheeeyyyy!)

*** ***

By the way, my parents watched the Phua Chu Kang musical.

I think it is a VERY BAD representation of us...
And how many million dollars did they SPEND?!

International advertising some more!
OH THE HORROR!!!!!!! *music from "Psycho"*

Sorry you guys... who've worked hard at it. But really.

I was told that it was LAME and like a SCHOOL PLAY.

Seriously, i knew it was not going to be good the second i saw how it was advertised and when i heard the music.
Duuuuude, i wouldn't spend that kinda money.

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