Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I loved the way Lynette, in last night's "Desperate Housewives", dealt with that obnoxious neighbour of hers. I know it's all a show with a strong degree of unreality, but seriously.

I thought it came across so eloquently, that somehow Lynette stepped out of her usual way of communication and managed to verbally manoeuvre her way around the old lady's eccentricism and cyniscm to get her point across.

That she managed to step/infringe INTO the old lady's world but yet come across as humane.
Ah, such is the importance of communicating in a way that is understandable to your target.

*** ***

A marriage, a child.
Now barely even 5 years into the marriage, the marriage has disintegrated. Why?

A cheating, violent husband.

As i looked upon the child, smiling and playing with granny, i realized with great sadness that if her parents were indeed going to split, that smiling face i see will twist and distort with pain when she realizes that a happy and whole family is not what she will be getting as she grows up.

Right now, she's so young, and there's so much more to her life. Years and years of it, if nothing tragic happens.
And as i see her now at this young age, i doubt she understands the situation and is probably oblivious to the marital problems.


Who could've seen that coming? Who would've known that the husband would turn out to be that way?

I know that every couple life is different and one should not generalize to the point of not putting any trust and faith in love and the institution.

But with all this going around me, i am already finding it hard to believe that relationships can last, let alone to find enough faith to believe that marriage can still work in this day and age.

I guess i will never know till i try. The best that i can do is entrust the situation into God's hands and do all that's possible to live a life that pleases and honours both God and spouse.

When you put God first in all that you do, He will honour you as well.

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While coming back from a jog at the canal and as i approached the guard house at entrance/exit:

SG: You can see without your glasses meh?
J: Uh... not really...
SG: You look different without your glasses. (actually, i think he meant to say "ugly")
J: Uh... ok. *polite laughter*
SG: You look... cute when you wear your glasses. You should wear them, and you'll get a lot of boyfriends.
J: (??!?!?!)

Jo gets some image-cum-getting-boyfriends "advice" from the estate security guard.

*insert bewildered emoticon*

And no, i won't be wearing my glasses when i run because it slips down my nose too much.

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