Wednesday, June 22, 2005

(size-that-cannot-be-named) was too Ambitious. *muah hahaha*

misS_D Posted by Hello

This is misS_D.

This was the very girl i first befriended during a pre-band camp briefing back in year 1998, somewhere in October and November.
It was a band leadership camp organized for the leaders of school bands from all over Singapore and we are known either as a "Band Major" or "Drum Major". Each school plops out one student for each post to participate.

We were both Band Majors, she specialized in the bright tootly flute, while i, the sassy saxophone.

Our friendship started off with something like,
Me: Can you hear what s/he (the person giving instructions upfront) is saying?

We quickly become inseparable pals during the camp and till this day, we are still good buddies.

Back then, we laughed at the insanest things (yep! i remember seeing some of these on your blog too!):

- a squashed black mushroom on the road that kept looking dead-er by the day as army vehicles rolled over it. (the camp was held at an army camp)
- me dragging my feet walking back to bunk because the sole of my marching black shoe came off while doing foot drill under the hot sun.
- Curry "Pow".
- Broomstick Gang. (of whom i was never chased by)
- "Vampire" *wink*
- "Ba-baat"
- MARK ............ from ........... (hohoho!)
(and so on)

After the camp wrapped up over a course of about 5 days, we still kept in touch, first by the humble and personal snail mail till the internet came along.
Even then, we still talked over the phone at the most unexpected times... Ok, SHE was the one who usually took the initiative to do that, and for that, i am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

And so yesterday we met again for some catch-up session over lunch and SHOPPING!!!

I tell you... This GIRL opened my eyes to the wider selection of female clothes, bringing me away from my usual tomboy-sports-can-be-monotonous-relaxed-bo-chup-"so-chai" sense of fashion (although i am kinda proud of it you know?).

Nothing too outlandish but it is definitely a slightly brighter change from my usual garb. She has a good eye for stuff. Can get make-over already just by having her around. Yeah lor, so i spent a bit today.

I don't usually go shopping for nothing and usually, i'd have an agenda and a plan. But today, it just felt RIGHT to go shopping. Hohohoho.

So while browsing along the aisles of Isetan, we spotted this flowery, happy, beachy looking sun dress sort of thing.

We go: OOO!!! This IS NICE!

And we proceed to get our hands all over it to check the cut and trimmings.

misS_D goes: Aiya, but this one is mengarut leh... (points to the lace at the base of the dress.)

Me: (laughs insanely and agrees that it IS mengarut) But let's try it!

So we grabbed an (CANNOT SAY!)-sized dress and gleefully made our way to the dressing room. Ok, so i was the guinea pig lah.

The minute i put it on, i had a bad feeling that it wouldn't zip right up...

To cut the long story short, misS_D had collasped on the floor while i held myself up weakly...
And as sure as the sun rises in the East, both of us were convulsing with laughter and getting our faces beet red with howls and hysterical shrieks of mirth over our little misadventure concerning the sun dress on the pathetic excuse for a mannequin (that is, mua).

(all this happening while within the tiny confines of...)

Ok, so, the dress DID get zipped up but then after that the whole dress wouldn't budge when we tried to shift it to the "right way around". Actually, it didn't help that we didn't KNOW where the zip was suppose to be anyway.
At the back? or at the Side? And the fact that it was a tube top too made it MORE COMICAL for some reason.

Yeah, so i stood there with an ill fitting piece of garment wound tightly around me (like a Ba-Zhang!) the WRONG WAY AROUND and were it not for misS_D's help, i would've had to ask for emergency assistance from any of the nearest salesgirls.

Sad to say...

It WAS a pretty tube sun dress, but having tried one size bigger, we found it was too loose while the next smaller size that i had initially tried on was too small... So, i either have to lose or gain some weight.

But later on, we discovered a pretty beachy skirt which kinda went well with my existing top. After borrowing her pair of closed-toe shoes and her sweet looking embroidered bag, the whole ensemble actually looked plausible!

So, the skirt came out from storage and become mine oh mine.

THANK YOU GAL! I loved the time spent with uuuuuu! Girl, you are one good confidant, joker, partner in crime and SHOPPER... *MUAK!*
Dang, yesterday was fun.
We should do this when you're done with your 'A's.

So in the shopping arena in zee end, the day ended happily with m|sS_D getting herself a pretty black spaggetti top and Jo buying 2 pairs of bright earrings, one bright pink tank top and a sunny happy skirt.

And when I reached home and paraded happily around the house in my happy beachy skirt, I was promptly told right off by my sister that it was ... .


Neh Mind. I LIKE, can oreddi.

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