Monday, June 13, 2005

And the public found out wot archery is...

When the crowd had dispersed, we bored archers got a little busy...

Our murder victim. Committed right within the Police Academy. Posted by Hello

Now you see it. Posted by Hello

Now... you don't... quite... Posted by Hello

K lah, surprisingly, none of the arrows pierced through the doll. Those arrows that DID hit her, actually bounced right off.
Woah, immortal sia~.

I brought her home, maybe i should build a shrine to her.

I want to blog about the carnival, but i am poofed for now. I was there from 9:15am to 7:45-ish pm, and i was talking the entire day, repeating the same instructions over and over again to every person that came under Coach Joline.

So, to summarise the day.

Types of people met:

- Nice, good learners.(most of them)
- Naturals
- Impatient.
- "I want to do it my own way."
- Takes a little time for new info to settle in.
- Mandarin Speaking ones. (AYE, I managed to converse with 2-3 ok! I am GOOD.)

How to coach:

- Say, "Doing good", "Well Done", "Good", even when the shot goes awry. This is to soften the "blow" they might impose on themselves. And prepare them mentally for the next shot, which hopefully would be better.
- Always, always be encouraging. Don't react negatively. Always reassure them.
- Be SURE of what you're saying, BE CLEAR. Best to stick with a fixed set of instructions.
- Smile!

Second lastly... You made my day. *winky dink*

And lastly... I am a screamin' good coach ok. *irritating smug smile*

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