Thursday, June 09, 2005

A total transition of almost 7 years, within that, 2 years of battling with silence.

It's both pleasing and strange when i recall the scenes from the past, just short snippets of what i can remember, and relate them to who we are today.
Who would ever have thought that the present would hold a radically different meaning for two people who barely spoke then.

It's been a long while. And how things have come to such a "close" still makes me marvel.
The moment felt unreal.
Soft. Gentle.

Never would i have ever thought it possible for it to happen in any other place but in that infamous place where dreams can only remain dreams.
It's like a page out from an "extremely fictitious" book that has come alive.

Guess i was wrong.
Though being wrong this time can't get any better than this.
And, I don't remember being this pleased about being wrong.

This is the part when Jo smiles and then sews up her cyber mouth.

*** ***

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