Monday, June 27, 2005


I want to maul something with my mop because...:

1. I spent forever doing a Statistics Test MANUALLY that took me the entire day to read up on and do till 5+am. And my outcome DID NOT match the computer generated outcome. I was getting NEGATIVE values. (it took like, 2 fullscape papers ok?!) *roar!*

2. After that unsuccessful mathematical torture, i developed a mindblock which resulted in me churning out the ONE humble word, "The" under the "Discussion" section of my report. I stared at the screen for a long time before deciding that i will finally go to sleep. That was at about 7am.

3. Now, i am still stuck at "The". It is 2pm.



Haloscan is being such a pain these days. I dearly want to get rid of it but i am not sure of which html codes i should delete from my template. Ho Boy.

Yeah, so do click on the link though it looks like it hasn't updated. :-)

I'm glad for Blogger's new feature that enables me to put pictures quickly and i don't have to keep cutting and pasting htmls! Yay, and i get to write next to the pictures too, to save space. :-)

Question: Why do people find it funny when someone farts?

Since we're on this topic, i just want to say that i am totally fine with people burping, farting, drooling... etc, in front of me. Like hello, we're all human right? And such things happen to happen/need to be done... So you don't have to be too embarrassed about it.

If it was a particularly loud burp or stinky fart, at most, we'll laugh it over and i'll tell you that you're "gross!" but that's just to tease you, and it's nothing malicious.
I might even burp/fart in reply. Heh. (did i just say that? ;-) )

But of course, there must be some degree of civilized behaviour lah. I trust that we are all mature adults and know how to be sensitive enough to one another.

There was a time when this guy i was out with (most girls i'm with do not gross me out ok?) TOTALLY turned me off with his habits. It was just so darn DISGUSTING. I couldn't take it, and i felt like i was talking to Caveman XXX.

Anyway. Back to work.

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