Tuesday, June 14, 2005

SEA Games will happen at the end of this year and the compound bow events are ACTUALLY in! WOO! Hope those young guns from the women's compound team will have a good shot at this event.
I know they are a gifted bunch.

You know, it's weird reflecting on the time when i was THIS |<--->| close to having the opportunity to train for this SEA Games.

But well, well, politics and inefficiency rules the day so, toodles national team archery aspirations. I shoot for club and self.

I didn't believe in "slowly assimilating" myself into the team like some people did. I'd rather have things done officially and proper so that there is no question about where i stand.

*** ***

Did i come to you for the right reasons?
As i recall, i realize that what convinced me to a large degree to keep holding on to "us" during the tough times when i battled with doubt, was superficiality and surface merits, and just a slightly-less-than-reasonable sprinkling of appreciating who you were as a person.

But things're different today.

*** ***

Hm. Having one of those times when i'm feeling too much and have too little words to express these feelings.

And when i do finally type it out, i read it and find it too personal.


Till Then.
*Lord, thank you for your abundant providence each and every day. Please don't let my heart grow cold.*

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