Monday, June 06, 2005


Despite my major in psychology and the desire to do something worthwhile and related in the Civil Service, i look within myself and find that i have with me also many issues in my life which need to be handled.
The good thing is, i can deal with these things while some others are just going to take time.

I guess psychologists/caregivers/psychiatrists/doctors/physicians/nurses/paramedics/the-rest-of-the-gang-who-deal-with-human-trauma also need a place to vent.

We know what to do with ourselves. Just that sometimes, guess we need to blow off steam, verbalising what's inside... To have that listening ear to ramble to.
Kind of, like a pressure release.

*** ***

I think the double whammy clatter drops that i-REALLY-didn't-mean-to administer to my phone actually did more good than bad. Somehow, the bluetooth file transfer with my lappie works now.

Currently, a moment of "too much and too little feelings" has taken control over me so much so that i can't really put things into words.
Guess i'll just put up pictures that depict some pleasant moments from the days past.

a morning picture Posted by Hello

*wink* Posted by Hello

Uhm, my handsome makeshift husband Posted by Hello

Sunset @ SIM Posted by Hello

It was posing for us, i tell you. Posted by Hello

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