Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My heart is not whole without you, Lord.

When things go well in life, i fall into the trap of thriving on the false sense of temporary security, of the "joy of this life". I become blinded, numbed out and think that i see no need to cling onto you because i think i have everything i need and want.

How mistaken i am!

So what happens when all is stripped away? When everything that means the world to me is ruthlessly slashed from my grasp.
When my loved ones are afflicted, when my finances are gone, when my health is in shambles, when there is no one i can humanly depend on.

It is only when you reign in me and when i put my 100% trust in You, that i can stand with divinely given inner joy, peace, strength and confidence that transcends human comprehension.

And this wholeness does not change, does not warp, when everything and everyone is taken away from me, when i have zero material belongings and when i stand in all my vulnerability.

As long as i have you, there will always be hope. And even if things have to lead to death, i have no fear of it. For death is simply the passing from Earth to where You are.

That is the kind of faith i want to have. Lord, help me not let my heart grow cold.

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