Friday, June 17, 2005

mountain turtle goes to town

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People, remember the time when someone i knew passed away from a bike accident?

Now, a childhood friend just lost half a leg because of the bike accident he was involved in. Apparently, his leg was caught in the bike and you could see bone and splayed flesh.

I believe i need not say anymore to drive in my point.

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This is one of the best pieces of advice to do with relationships, that i have ever come across:

"A man who has shown that he has loved before is a man who is capable of loving." ("Hello, Good Love!" by Coralyn Hizola)

We girls like to feel like we're the SPECIAL ONE, set apart from all the other relationships. We like to feel exclusive, that "he has never felt this way before" when he's with you.

But well, that can't always be achieved so... It's only realistic to accept the fact that if he has had past relationships that were loving and good, you're not the only one he has loved in his life.

However, because of the fact that he has proven that he CAN love, why not believe that he can also love you the same way too?

So girls, don't feel so bad if your guy has had a good past.

What matters is that both parties should move on in life in a positive way. And when seeking a relationship, it should be sought with a healthy perspective in mind.
Lessons should be learnt from both the mistakes AND the good points from the past.

The present is what matters.

If i had been mature enough to know this or come across this earlier, it would have saved me from a lot of bitterness.

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Walking in the town/business district area without a camera was my gripe today. BLEARGH! (ok, i had my k700i, but i'd much prefer my Powershot. Doh.)

After keyboard class in the evening, i had about an hour to burn before meeting my family for dinner.

And so taking my sister's directions on full trust, i started walking down the long winding street. I had no idea where i was heading really. But as usual, i have no qualms about doing the dunno-where-the-place-is-but-just-walk-anyway.

Done that many times before. It's like trusting yourself to find the place though you're not 100% sure you'll get there, but you just give yourself a fair chance to anyway.
After which when all else fails, you call up your friendly direction giver, or just ask the friendliest looking person where your destination is.

Along the way, you also get to take your time to explore, study and appreciate what's around you in your own time and in your own head.

Being alone helps because you're totally reliant on yourself and you get to self talk and analyse and discover some things about how you process your problems and thoughts as well.

While walking, i came across this building and thought: I Like. Ok, take photo.

Nothing too special can be seen here i think. But right there and then, it calling out to mua! I promise!

It WAS named, the "White House". Posted by Hello

Outdoor fishy pond. Picture's a little crooked though. Posted by Hello

I didn't need to look upwards for this shot. Posted by Hello

Fishy invades building Posted by Hello

*** ***

Alone, with something of a camera, in a sort-of-unknown place, with time to burn.

Ah, therapeutic. Melikes.

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