Friday, July 01, 2005

For the eyes

Having nothing much to say (for now... If only because i am still sorting out my thoughts) so this will be another picture blog post.

These have been in hibernation for a while, but not too ancient either. Heh heh, no more making use of "Hello". Gosh, that thing made me cut and paste and do all sorts of acrobatics. With Blogger's new photo posting, things're way easier. :-)

By the way, don't you think that the Boss Bottled-Fragrance for Men advert is simply sizzling?

WAIT. I was not reduced to a drooling watery mass ok? It's not about the man!

I just simply think that the whole ensemble of the background womanly voice (which was enchanting though incoherent), the man coming out from the shower, taking and putting on his clothes in such a fluid and easy motion with the little under-the-brow- glance/smirk was short, sweet, and captivating.


*** ***

This was taken during the NUS Indoor Shoot a few weeks back, during the Team Event knockout round.
Note: My target sheet is NOT in the photo, so, please do not assume that those 10 pointers you see are mine. :-D

Kudos to WR for the photos. Thank you. :-)

I'd like to think that this is a picture of extreme opposites being next to each other.
I like this one.

Would've liked it better if the reflection of the sun wasn't there.
But i like this one too.

Its beauty and the aroma of blooming life filled my room and reminded me of you every time i stepped in.

Beautiful in Life, and in a sad way, beautiful also even in Death.

Love this one.

*gnaw, gnaw* *munch munch*

WR: Remember the suggestion of a hammock? Heh, we tried it for a while, so this is one of the dudes having a meal on it. You can see the paper clips in the background. (and yes, an old sock was used)

Whenever you see buildings clustered all around like this, trust me, this will instinctively cause you to snap a picture.

And this one wasn't taken as a reflection in water like the other one in a previous post. (the one with the fish)

*argh* my eyeeeessssssss!

That outing with my Stars! From the left: Germaine, Betty and i.
I is their biggest fan!
Attention guys: The centre one is Taken. With a CAPITAL T. Do not touch, or i will zap you with my psychedelic feelers and chomp off your fingers with my ferocious teeth.

Oh well, when i can't have pink highlights in real life...
Germ, let me know if you want to be done up too.

My beloved sure knows how/where to snuggle and make himself comfortable.
Strange angle, i thought.

For entertainment, buy: Miniature Pinscher.
Just be ready to lose a few years of your life taking care of one of these.

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