Wednesday, February 01, 2006

He has violent tendencies

Lying down flat on my back on my exercise mat after two sets of crunches, panting, i looked up into a long doggy face that stared down at me with bright sparkly canine eyes and said to him: "Later, you bath ok?"
*jo thinks: smelly dog*

And then he punched me squarely in my right eye with his clawed paw.

Wa lao eh. My eye became bloodshot for a while ok?


weirong said...

*morphs in doggie-trainer*
, ,
( o .o
^^ RAhhh!

Jed needs a little disciple training!

*morphs back into gem*
Or myb just lure him to bathe with doggie treats.

Hope your eye's alright already :o)

weirong said...

oops, tt pictogram above looks distorted.. supposed to be a Munster :p

joline said...


yeah, somehow, spaces don't appear after you've hit the publish button. Happens when you're blogging too. Is there a html code to make a space?

Oh, usually he tries to hide (you know, under the table) but he hardly puts up a fight, apart from flashing his fangs and maybe attempting a snap or two. He kind of knows he can't get away and might as well as give in, as indicated by his flopping on his back in surrender, legs flailing in the air.

Vicki said...

erm wannna try %20? thats the ascii code for space.

joline said...


Really? But then how come it appears as text on the comment? Or is there something i'm not adding to it before it works.