Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You know, in a scenario where the guy is openly looking at an attractive lady while in the presence of his girlfriend and gets "caught"...

I would rather the guy tell me outright that he was looking at her, as opposed to him lying to me by giving me some lame excuse/story to cover it up.
For all you know, i may even agree that she's beautiful because i don't believe in holding back compliments, where it is due.

Of course, i would love to and wouldn't hesitate to *beep!* the ogling head with my bare hands and bulging biceps. (me is not angel)
But i also know that men are visual creatures. Depriving them of beauty is like choking them to death, you know?

My point is, we girls are not stupid. We are very sensitive (in every sense of the word) and savvy about this kind of thing. You can't fool us.

So, to save yourself from getting hammered into pulp by your girlfriends either through verbal or physical attack, my suggestion is: Don't lie. Moderate looking is fine in general. Most importantly, is that you need to guard your thoughts.

Better still (my idealistic favourite... Duuh!) : Don't look. (choking to death already?)

And yes for your information, according to the rules of etiquette (and common sense), i quote: "A man who has wandering eyes and openly admires other women even when you are together is not only uncommitted, he also does not respect you."

Ah, but how about when the girlfriend's not around?

This one, i no give advice. This one... Go figure.

*** ***

Was blog surfing and landed upon this site which had a link to "Water Bed Candid Camera".

First, it got me staring at the screen to wait and see what it was all about. Then the bewildered chuckles started and initially felt a bit bad for the people, but then that slowly gave way to a constant grin coupled with sniggers here and there. Then it got me laughing outloud, guffawing openly. Then the er... funniness (?) came fast and furious and soon the laughter became soundless with gasping shrieks and then tears of uncontrollable mirth started sprouting out from my eyes...

I've not laughed that hard since our Ministah morphed into a friendly visiting alien right before our eyes on national TV last August 9th. (was that why there wasn't an encore telecast? or did i miss it. Hm...)

Gotta love the two ladies at the last bit of the clip. The body language and communication between the two was hopelessly hilariously tickle lishily!

All at the expense of complete strangers, some maybe even their dignity. Wicked, lah.


Anonymous said...

how cum ur posts these days are so touchy? as usual i will say the same old things....eyes are for u to see and the heart is for you to feel. So as long as he puts u in his heart it shud be fine. maybe it is becos i cant dun look at a hamsung guy too...wsahahaha

weirong said...

Quite a prank tt Waterbed was! I believe it takes quite a bit of right-brain activity to come-up w simple situations tt yield maximum laughs! XD
Hope the producers did provide a change of clothes for the unfortunate-unsuspecting few "bed-wetters".


I agree w you on the need to "guard one's thoughts", sth which can be facilitated by being a discerning "consumer" of direct/indirect visual/aural messages tt the world bombards our senses with.
(I did rem hearing in Pastor Benny's BGR-seminar: abt "asking the girls to wear winter-clothing so as to help the guys out) *chuckle*

joline said...


Heh, maybe it's because of school and how it makes my mind wander about and picking up on stuff that i just have to air my opinion about.
Yup, indeed our eyes were given for us to see and appreciate what's around us, however if our eyes turn lecherous than it does us no good. I feel that it's important to guard oneself. Like, some men though have wives and children, whom they claim they still "love" and run back to even after an affair, still look elsewhere for promiscuous entertainment.


Yeahgah, i'm sure they would've had extra clothes. Teehee, you notice that most people take it in good spirit. Or what looks like it. Germany, methinks?

You know, i frowned a bit inside when i heard what he said. Although i understand full well the good intentions of dressing up modestly so as to help one another stay away from sin, my question is: "Do we conform just because men are vulnerable in that area? Is it a curbing of our own free will because of someone else's weakness?"
That's just a thought.

Had initially almost written an essay lah, but deleted it. You know my style lah, fighter rooster one. 8-P

I guess in all things, moderation... Moderation. There is a limit to how much fabric is good enough.

Anonymous said...

aiyo looking at cute pple is very far from having an affair. they are two completely diff things?

joline said...


Yes, you're right. That's why i said, looking is actually fine... It's even normal because men are wired that way.
As mentioned, it is what goes on in the mind that one has to be careful about. As it has been commonly said: be mindful of your thoughts, as these can become your actions, and so on.
So if one tends to be particularly vulnerable to unhealthy thoughts, then one has to take measures to be careful about input.