Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My phone's joystick has reached it's threshold of workable existence so i had to send it in for servicing on sunday. It won't be back till FRIDAY. In place of my sonyericsson, i'm using my sister's spare nokia 8250. Which... is equally mad (yeah... it doesn't work properly either. It has a fetish for resetting, hanging and giving me the "blue face of death", i quote my sister).

My contacts have been temporarily lost, so if i seem like i've been ignoring you, blur about who you are when you message or if it seems like i'm taking way too long to reply, my apologies.
But I'll still try my best to reply.

And for some of you, i've been wanting to see how you're doing, but... Argh. The little mobile thing is so marvellous that I'm virtually phoneless for the remaining 3 and a half days. If there's anything good at all, it's gotta be that my sms counter will stay low then. Toodlee doo.

I regret not penning down contacts on paper, for even if i were to pick up the telephone, i wouldn't have the updated numbers to call, for some people.

It's certainly not the end of the world of course, I can live with it. Er... For now. Once again, we see the scary notion of being slaves to the very technology that we created.

I don't want to seem like i'm complaining but... Behold, even my hotmail account seems screwed up, and it has been that way since yesterday. I can't access my inbox, hence my mails. I also cannot access msn messenger EITHER. What. The.
It's currently the Rage against the Human.

*** ***

I wonder where St. Valentine and the Cherub went off to... Timbucktoo? They can come back now.


liting said...

Well, at least you have blogger to post that you'll be less contactable. All is not lost!~

By the way.. My bloggie's alive again! The complete wishlist is there. =]

I want to email you gals something, but it seems like I can't email now? and is that why we havent seen our photos yet?

Anyways, my hair looks really bad, I look big and ugly in that photo. =[

joline said...


I put that picture up because i thought that it was really nice how all four of us fit so well, like a molecule. And I don't think you look big and ugly at all, and i think your hair is just fine. Truly. But if u want me to change photos, i will gladly do so. Just let mua know k? :-)

Yes, at least i HAVE BLOGGER!!! *thrusts victorious fist into the air* But you see... how many people come here, that is the question.

I saw your wishlist liao, very comprehensive. I'll be sure to pick something you will need. Gosh, gotta love this system of buying presents because it's so much more practical and yields the greatest happiness and satisfaction for both giver and receiver.

Yes, that's why you haven't received the photos. Hey WAIT! There's gmail! Oh oh oh !!!

liting said...

hahaha. that's just a passing remark on the photo.. nothing much. it's fine there! goes to show how important we are to you if not you won't put it up there right? Hah. (getting thick skinned)

Double Hah. I love my wishlist. just don't burn a hole in your pocket. and i greatly appreciate if you tell me if you have decided to get a particular item. If not i will have many of a same thing? (if people decided to be great mice thinks alike lah)

Thanks for yielding me happiness ah~ Cos stepping into the working force soon.. need some revamps. So very comprehensive lah. But then again if i don't get anything that i want its perfectly fine (as no one owes me anything).. there's the govt's growth dividends of $600 - $800 coming soon in may 1st! (now that's one advantage of stepping into adulthood)

Rubbish enough.
*Awaiting photos*

joline said...


Heh, heh. I'm still finding it hard to believe that we're getting "free money".

Yes, i get the hint, i will send photos soon. :-DDD