Monday, February 20, 2006

Fun-O-Rama '06 and '02

Saturday started out HOT. No, i wasn't at some sleazy club. Now, if anyone of you were out on the streets, you would know what i'm talking about. Searing hot, king of hot. And, melikes it, in fact.

Once we stepped into the school compound, we were enveloped by so much noise. Come to think of it now, i don't even know what was causing the racket, because there was so much stimuli to the senses that you just can't register everything. Posters, signs, chattering, (music?) shouting, banners, colours... T'was like old times except without the school uniform.

We strolled by the games stalls that usually line the teacher's carpark, and automatically i began searching for familiar faces. Our first stop was the pottery and handmade crafts to greet our Chinese teacher. She REMEMBERS ME, no doubt about that. HAH. The Chinese Language B girl. She got at least one part of my mandarin name correct, so that's quite good. Whee! The canteen was up next to meet up with a couple of classmates. *waves to I and B!* They both look the same compared to how they looked during our JC days. (We is all J6 people) Which is quite nice to know.

Everyone seems to say that they feel old, but i don't leh. B says i'm young at heart. (i also think i young in mind)

Grabbed a cool drink at the hub before beginning our tour of the premises. It was pity that classrooms were out of bounds. I should've anticipated that considering past experience, but yeah. Always worth an absent minded try.
We wanted to soak in the good old times... In classroom 7.12. (and prolly in the other unofficial classroom too, 7.14, because that one had air-conditioning. :-D)

Briefly bumped into P.C. the chemistry tutor who promptly started complaining about how (insert favoured boy's name) was still at home. HAH! Things haven't changed, now have they?

And then R came by. *hello R!* (aka "ditz"). People say R and i look alike. But I say it's the glasses. Ah, duh... It's because we have good taste girl! *wink wink wink*

We popped by the hall to check out the money slurping mechandise that ACS brand hungry people would happily fork out their money for. (i am one, but i'd never pay 30 bucks for a t-shirt, fat hope!) In the case of Early Bird Gets the Worm, this one's more like Early Bird Gets Shot Down and Slaughtered.

After a few rounds of exploration: checking out the SCone Cafe tradition, discovering the plot of land that held the Dunking Machine, meeting with P in the MR room, discovering more food at the void deck, spending the coupons, bumping into S, M and G and took a photo. We were poofed for the day.

(ARGH! Just realized that i missed out on going to the Sports Complex!!! Shoot.)

And so the day ended with 4 satisfied library gang members. Sticky and tired, but happily spent, in every sense of the word. It was actually stressful to be there, trying to keep one another together as well as trying to hear one another over the mobiles with the racket. But who cares when you're being in the very place of a past that's so much a part of our lives and also the birth place of our friendship.

It was pouring mammoths and brontosauruses by late afternoon as the 6 persons party split up to go our separate ways. I bid farewell to Y at the mrt station when she left first and i then made my way to church on the next opposite direction bound train.

Tsk. Why did i blink in that photo. :-(

*** ***

Fun-O-Rama has a special place in my heart... Because in my year, i was the food IC for my class. What did our class sell? Chocolate Bananas on a stick. It was a gorgeous idea actually, just imagining the blend of tastes. But when i think about our bananas, so many thoughts come to mind and it's like laughing and crying in my heart at the same time when i think about it...

Even till today, i think of our stall when i see Del Monte bananas.

Before Fun-O-Rama, we had ordered like, TONS of Del Monte bananas. Every Orangutan in the world would congregate in the canteen if they could. Ok, i am blowing it up, but it's true. There was just SO. MUCH. FRIGGIN'. BANANA.

The action plan was this: We skin the bananas, poke them through with satay sticks, and FREEZE THEM. (we borrowed two freezers) So that when we cover it with chocolate on that day itself, the chocolate coating will solidify, making a spectacularly chilly and healthy dessert. We even added toppings to the coating, like peanuts and rainbow rice.

What can i say.

On the day itself,
1: we found our bananas squishy and brown.
2: We found not all had hardened.

I leave the picture to you of how i kinda freaked out.

Business was slow initially, but soon we had a constant flow of customers. Bless their hearts. But i think they never bothered to come back again. HAHA! Quality control was non existent what with bananas going at a certain price but putting two bananas together, you'll find that the two bananas weren't quite the same length. Major rip off that was totally not meant to be. And secondly, it didn't taste all that wonderful. I had one myself, which might not have been a good idea considering that if you want to sell something, you need to believe in your product.
The chocolate was smooth, but it wasn't tasty enough to complement the banana.

The idea was a good one, but i guess we should've done a test first to ascertain if the blend of ingredients was of the right type. Oh well.

Our drinks sold well though. (heh, how hard can that one get)

The sad part was that at the end of the day, we had so much frozen banana left... So... Hello Dustbin. My heart breaks just thinking about that.

(my mom was also devastated to learn of the sad end to the bananas because she would've loved to make her banana muffins)


Surprise, surprise. After the school had collated all the information on the monetary collections, our class... WON AN AWARD, for chalking up a tidy sum, which is not bad for not-tried-and-tested chocolate bananas. Oddly, i don't remember what the prize was.


zelicia said...

i remembered ur choco banana dun look very appetising...but the concept is not a bad one.whopppeee. i cant live without my hp tooooo

joline said...


HAHAHHAA... Bad presentation, i guess. Terrible... We sure have a lot to learn about making food look "good enough to eat".
Yes. Here is the age of handphones and all the techy stuff. A handphone is so more than a phone these days, convergence is happening.