Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hm! Didn't know that.

Did you know that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien were friends from way back?

From, i quote:

"Our world would be poorer without two other worlds: Narnia and Middle-earth. Yet if two young professors had not met at an otherwise ordinary Oxford faculty meeting in 1926, those wondrous lands would still be unknown to us." (- by Chris Armstrong) (click here for more)


lakeside girl said...

Just a tag to let you know that your blog is still one of my daily (if not, once every 2 days) read.

I demand the picture of the cute girl back!

Joline said...

green apple:

You know, that's really really really sweet of you Mari, and very frank. I'm thankful for that. Read your latest post and felt a tinge of sadness. You must know, it's very telling that your blog IS loved by many, including mua. (affirmation, affirmation!) I'm sure your statcounter will tell you so. ;-P We take joy in giving you the encouragement you deserve.
Gotta admit I'm not entirely clear on why you decided against the comment thing though, but of course i respect that choice.

Er..., "cute girl"?! No lah, muah hahaha, you're too kind. Mayhap this's imagined, but i guess i didn't want to make it seem like i was advertizing myself. i also pledged it to be a space where i'd rotate photos. Maybe... i'll put a really disturbing photo of myself soon. *silly gong grin*