Monday, February 06, 2006

A student talks about how s/he was very disturbed by a talk made in his/her school (a junior college) about sexuality:

"Another point made at the workshop is that sex is only for procreation, and that safe sex is "mutual masturbation". I believe that such views send a wrong message to youths - that safe sex must not be practiced. This goes against campaigns and calls for safe sex by the health authorities."

Reading the forum letter was ok at the beginning but somewhere towards to the middle and end, i've also become disturbed, but for different reasons. I'll leave everyone to their own views and conclusions on this, though in my opinion, this bit here is considered warped on a few levels.
I definitely won't overlook the possibility that some pointers made during the talk might be deemed off beat and/or controversial, maybe even wrong. Though apart from what i see as warped, i think that there's also a possibility that some issues were also taken out of context and therefore misunderstood by the student.

While the student was appalled and upset by the video featuring abortion:

I was given a gory abortion video to watch - In secondary school. Early teens. You know, watching the video in junior college may have been a little late for a few people.

From the name of the author, i gather that s/he is a foreign student who has either been here only a while or ignorant to such issues or not used to the blatant exposure of certain truths or genuinely adverse to gore...
But look: This is what society is facing and there's a measure of education on this area that students need to have. So deal with it.

On the other hand, given the seemingly pushy points (that're at times bewildering) that the Catholic Church was trying to bring across, it does make one wonder about whether the school should vet the organization and content before presenting it to the students. As for that movie they were allowed the view but were actually underaged for it... Rather iffy here. I don't know what it's about, but given the kind of ethics practiced or the lack thereof (depends on how you see it) by the organization, i wonder if the obtained net benefit is enough to make that move justifiable.

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