Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just what is it with some men?

They think that it's ok to screw around with their girlfriends before marriage with whatever reason they want to use, but they expect their wives to be virgins or else they would think... differently of her.


That is one of the most flawed views i've ever heard. I shall save my blog from my rude retorts borne of my wrath. These people need help in getting a major change in mindset.


weirong said...

*fans big palm-leaf to help you cool down*

"They know not what they do.."
We can only pray that they will come to their senses by His mercy and grace (-.-)

joline said...


Yes, i agree.

Frankly, it's so easy to be mad at these people and so hard to love and pray for them. The flesh is weak. thinks about the last bible study: Love thy Enemy.

Anonymous said...

women, menopause, menses, they all have 'men'. what to do? we woman (see the man agn) cant do without them so i guess we have to stand by their rules of the game

joline said...


Stand by their rules? Hoho, please count me out, i would rather choose to be celibate than to give in to rules that make no sense.

Anonymous said...

what can i say? u r pretty extreme. but surely there are nice guys ard that dun have such rules. if there are gd gers like you, there shud be good guys too

joline said...


That's why i said: "Just what is it with some men?"