Friday, February 10, 2006

This is an established fact. School's out=Less blogging. School's in=Too much nonsense to blog. Today shall be blog-off-the-top-of-my-head day.

While removing bottles of wine and goodies from a table to lay the newly washed placemat beneath them all, it occured to me: how easy it can be to "take things out" (do something in your life only to mess it up), and how it can be relatively more difficult to put things back together again. And when you attempt to put things back, the situation may not mend and restore itself into its original state. New state can be good AND/OR bad.

Die. Have written 900+ words out of a maximum cap of 1500 and i'm not even half done. Die.

Doing the first essay of the year for the social psychology module, and i find my brain entangled as i grapple with all the concepts: Of both psychological and sociological nature. Wheee! Don't get me wrong. It's exciting even, to be lost in my thoughts, considering how each concept may map or contrast with one another to help us understand the issues with methods of testing as well as us, human beans. Melikes.
Hm, I'm hungry. All them calories prolly went up to the grey matter.

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