Wednesday, February 15, 2006

For my pains at an archery event, my reward is some moolah! O.o Now this, i was not really expecting. So... YAY!


Under "Unusual Animals", there's one called "Snailio Flipbook": I never would've thought that snails, yes, SNAILS (one of the grossiest things to exist, in my books) could be such an inspiration. Yes. Snail. An I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N.
And yet more still, there's another called "By Popular Demand": Allow your computer screen to only hold the first photo of the lone baby panda. Focus on it. Then, scroll down to see the next photo. This photo of baby pandas loaded, reloaded, overloaded, got me shrieking and squealing in excitement, flapping my wrists... and then laughing over my infantile reaction.
(i feel my cerebral blood pressure rising dangerously high)

Need i say more... See it to believe it!


I do pop by that infamoose blogger's site to see what controversial stuff she has to say. This time, she put a link to this webpage FULL OF DROP DEAD CUTE ANIMAL PHOTOS, called CuteOverload.

For a site that looks almost family friendly, i'm surprised to find it peppered with some expletives. I suppose that them animals are just tooooooooooooooo cute, that they elicit some really strong emotions.

Checked out the puppy category and boy was i greeted with loads of ... I can't even begin to describe it myself. For animal lovers, this site is a must-visit. Not sure about people who're adverse to animals, but... Some photos really did get me laughing soundlessly, so you might like to pop by and give yourself a chance to see nature in its quirkiness! (With the exception of some that've been set up by humans with too much time on their hands/people who derive pleasure in seeing... I dunno man.)
Oh, and reading the captions put things into context.

Aren't animals just the kewtest.

And then there're these photos of a beautiful little fawn and a dog cuddled together. It's under the "Cute or Sad?" category.

I couldn't find a URL for each photo, so you'll need to scroll through the photos, but that just serves to make it one nice long visual treat! Like they say, you might die from a head explosion.


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