Thursday, February 23, 2006


Point of information: This is a post with no logical flow.

There is something really sweet about closing my eyes to the world and falling into a deep, deep slumber. Into the unconscious realm. Sleeping is such sweet pleasure.

It's kind of like running away, into a dream filled place. A place of relaxation, a place of peace. A place to forget... Which is subjective though. It's also a place where you get to do all sorts of strange, scary, mad things... But you can run away knowing it's all non existent. That it's a dream.

Some people sleep and find that they can edit their essays better later on. Others sleep over their anger, after which they realize that they can think more clearly and better. Yet some sleep over their pain, but awake only to find their pain waiting patiently to continue the gnawing, and sometimes, with renewed and fiercer vengeance.

On the contrary to the above, sleeping sometimes leaves me feeling guilty, because i think of all the things i should've been able to do if i didn't. I would probably also attribute the guilt to fear of the expectations of me.

Sleep. Filling me with guilt but offers me temporary bliss too. Oh, the day when i can sleep forever.

I don't know if i have ever divulged on a couple of unexplainable things in my life. A post on that soon, methinks.


mimosa said...

Sleep is currently something I look forward to, but when it finally comes, is fitful and does not leave me refreshed... ugh

joline said...


I don't know what it is that's causing you to go through such unrestful sleep. But if there's anything at all, that i can do to help you, i'm here for you, you're not alone.

mimosa said...

Me along with the whole population of people otherwise known as final year students.. haha. Thanks for your encouragement though.. this desperate FYP student needs all she can get. :)

joline said...


I don't know which stage you are at with your FYP, but jia you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand that you've got other committments too and it's tiring when everything adds up. Perhaps take each day as it comes in your stride, handling bites at a time. Maybe "pamper" yourself even during the strain with... i dunno, a good tasty drink, a healthy concoction, a favourite food, or something that gives you some pleasure while you work. I hope you've got midnight partners too over msn!