Monday, February 13, 2006

After following a link from a friend's blog, i was brought to a site documenting a number of amusing animals stories... Like how: (Mari, there're other hamster stories to read!)

Being a fat hamster is not so bad after all... *thinks of our own fatso of a hamster*

Hamster survives poison

10kg cat?

Is there a recipe for this kind of crab? Can grow as big as a dinner plate you know! can control their population wad.


lakeside girl said...

Ooh thanks for all the info babe!!! Very useful.. Mmm..

Hee the articles are interesting, but i used to have a hamster (but i didnt know how to take care of it) and boy did SHE CHEATED DEATH.

This gives me an idea for a short n simple blog entry. Hoho.

joline said...

green apple:

16 year old girl? Is it shorter than the JC period fringe?

Always glad to give whatever info we have. Woah, i wanna know how your hamster cheated the death!